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Margaret Shaw Artwork

Lockdown Shopdown January 6th 2021

Year 2021 on the 6th of January
We went into lockdown number three
Wine in the house - we hadn’t a drop
So oh goodness me it was time for a shop

Into my bag keys, phone and purse
Into the car expecting the worse
At the shop car park plenty spaces I found
As I made sure my mask was the right way round

The lady on the door was smiling and jolly
Telling me they’d disinfected every trolley
A man in a hurry tried to slip by
Sanitisers there Sir I heard the lady cry

Starting at the meat isle things were looking quite poor
I wanted two burgers but they only had four
Large packs of chicken – they had none
2 small packs picked up instead of one

Long life milk they hadn’t any
All sorts of fresh milk - they had many
Fresh mushrooms, potatoes and vegetables going
The veg freezers however were overflowing

Before Xmas mozzarella was ample
One extra large one was todays only sample
So at the weekends next home pizza bake
No mushrooms but plenty of cheese I’ll make

Now with our pizza we usually have wine
B’s usual was in but they had none of mine
So a different white wine I have bought
Neatly drunk with todays soda count of nought

One of the last isles was toilet rolls and tissue
And I’m happy to say these weren’t an issue
I didn’t check roll stocks before into the car boarding
Eighteen rolls in the cupboard – I’m really not hoarding.

© Margaret Shaw
January 2021

February 13th 2021