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Stones completed

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Monday, March 26, 2018, In : New Artwork 
I finished the CATching and Hare Stones I was working on and painted a slate as a christening gift for a special young man.

There's now 2 more stones and 2 slates gessoed and awaiting designs.
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Around the Wharton Oak

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Saturday, March 24, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
After my shift in the Taint Modern, the sun was shining so picked up my camera and headed for the Wharton Oak.

Started along the railway line with one of my favourite views of Wild Boar Fell

Then up a very muddy footpath to meet these two cuties

Crossed the stream

Then through the fields from Nateby to see the furrows by the Wharton Oak

Got close to the oak

Then headed for home with a glance back

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Landscape and Rocks continued

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Friday, March 23, 2018, In : What I'm working on 
So I decided to go for the purple on the red sunset - very carefully as I don't want to overdo it, nor do I want to create mud as there's already allot of pastel on this piece.  I fee; its giving some depth to the picture and I may therefore also very carefully do some highlighting on the skyline.

I'm on the 2nd layer of paint on the stones - just the fine details to add now.

And today the postman has brought my latest stones - I've decided to work on slate - starting on a small scale with 10cm...
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Landscapes and Rocks

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, In : What I'm working on 
Some recent progress on artworks has been made inbetween printing to get stuff ready for the spring and summer show season.
Inspired by my recent hares painting, I've designed some hare stones and couldn't resist a couple more CATching Stones in the process.

2 pastel / charcoal landscapes have had some more colour added with ground works underway.

Red sunset is at the pondering stage - do I add the trees on the skyline and does the sky need to have some darker purple added?

Storr now almost has t...
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South Rhins

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Thursday, March 15, 2018, In : sketching 
Have just returned from a few days staying on the South Rhins Scotland.  The weather was varied but I got some lovely photos.  On the less fine days ( ie. when it rained hard all day ) I spent some time doing charcoal and coloured pencil drawings from some of the photos.

This piece of tree was on Sandhead Beach

And we had a good day at Portpatrick

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Monochromatic Snow Scenes

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Sunday, March 4, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
After several days indoors because of heavy snowfall, I ventured out yesterday with the camera to find an almost monochromatic world
I didn't go far from home and weak sunlight hit the top of the fells I as headed towards Nateby

Then into Stenkrith Park and down to the river Eden where ice was starting to form amongst the rocks

The narrow gauge where the Eden heads into Stenkrith looked like a winter wonderland

And as I left the riverbank into the fields the bare trees looked quite dramatic again...
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