Enjoying a seaside break near Bamburgh.  Weather has been very kind and I got some lovely photos that I've sketched from in the evenings.  Bit to cool to stop and sketch outside during the day.
Day 1 woke up early to an orange glow in the sky and realising the sun hadn't risen set off to the beach near the cottage.  What a treat I was given as the sun rose at the side of Bamburgh Castle.

I'm afraid my sketch with coloured pencils didn't give the depth of colour - but what an acrylic painting this could make.

Later that day went into Bamburgh where the castle stands tall over the beach and as the tide was out I was able to photograph the castle from the rocks with the incoming waves leading the eye nicely into the photo.

And here's the sketch which I think would make a good subject in watercolour.

Final photo to show you is Seahouses beach where I saw that the outgoing tide had left patterns in the sand and I started to think semi abstract.  Or more realistic in pastel to get a nice blend between the light and the dark areas.

Again the sketch doesn't give a great sense of depth of colour and has set me wondering about taking the sky out completely..............................