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New Inhabitants of Pendragggon?

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Tuesday, October 2, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
Beautiful day so headed into Mallerstang to take a few pictures. 

Paused at Pendraggon Castle and took a few different shots:

And spotted something inside and on top of the building

By the time we headed home the premises had been vacated

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River Walk in Pictures

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Saturday, August 25, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
After a busy day in the gallery I decided to do a river walk ( the river in question being the eden ).  It was fine and sunny and I decided to don my wellingtons with the intention of going in the water.
I set off in Stenkrith Park where the sunlight danced through the dappled trees.

Then onto the river rocks to watch the water winding through the gaps.

And even peer down a hole to see the river flowing under my feet.

Up from the river and across the fields to view the distant mountains through t...
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Bee, Butterfly, Bloom and Faces in the Woods

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Thursday, August 2, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
Enjoyed a trip to Acorn bank yesterday.  The Bees were profuse.

There were some white butterflies ( although I was hoping to see some others )

I found one particular water lily grabbed my attention - and it was the most difficult one to photograph.

And in the woods I thought I was being watched

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Ullswater ( again )

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Wednesday, July 18, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
Decided on a trip to Ullswater today ( yes I know - again - but I do love this place )
Stopped at Glencoyne for one of my favourite lake views.

Parked up by the pier at Glenridding to find people on the water - I liked the red of the sails against the green mountains.

Walked through Patterdale and backtracked along the beck where I was able to get into the middle of the water with some careful treading on the stones.

And along the footpath found the bees rather busy on the opening thistles.

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Carlisle Castle - Weeping Window

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Tuesday, July 3, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
I went to Carlisle yesterday to see the weeping window poppies at the castle.  Stunning and emotive.   
Please note these images are not for sale.

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Southern Ullswater

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Monday, June 18, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
Southern Ullswater was simply stunning today.


Across the lake to Glenridding

Glenridding Pier
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Nateby Circular

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Saturday, June 16, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
After a busy day at T'aint Modern I decided to stretch my legs and do what I call the Nateby circular.  It was the type of picture perfect day with sun breaking through a few clouds to light up the landscape.

Heading up to Wharton Hall - view over the stone walls to the fells

Turn left at the Wharton Oak and head across the fields to Nateby - here's the view looking back to the oak.

Down the path behind the Nateby Inn ( I think this is my favourite picture today )

And almost home passing the barn...
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Grange, Gosling, Gardens, Sizergh & Signets

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Wednesday, June 6, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
This morning saw us heading for the South Lakes as we took the car in for a service.  We decided to make the most of the day by visiting Grange over Sands where the flora was looking lovely:

and much to my delight we met this little gosling ( cuteness overload )

Then onto Sizergh Castle for more garden loveliness

and more cuteness overload with 9 signets on the lake

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A wander around Ravenstondale

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Sunday, June 3, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
In case anyone has missed me blogging - well  I've been off line for a few days when my laptop gave up on me last weekend.  I'm pleased to report that, with the purchase of a new laptop, I'm now fully operational and playing catch up in the things I haven't been able to do over the last few days.  However this afternoon took some time out for a meander around Ravenstondale taking in the flora along Scandal Beck where everything was green and lush.

And this bee seemed to be dozing on the flower...
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Spring Buds

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
It would appear that spring has finally sprung with these lovely buds being buzzed by insects ( and I actually went out without a coat and removed my fleece ).

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Shap Abbey

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
Enjoyed a walk to the atmospheric Shap Abbey yesterday.

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New Life

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Saturday, April 14, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
Its been rather cool in Cumbria the spring.  However spring brings new life to the fields.

To appear in the sheep gallery soon.  If in the meantime if you'd like one they'll be limited prints for 20x16 mounts £30, 16.x12 mounts £25 and A4 £15.  Contact me.
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Around the Wharton Oak

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Saturday, March 24, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
After my shift in the Taint Modern, the sun was shining so picked up my camera and headed for the Wharton Oak.

Started along the railway line with one of my favourite views of Wild Boar Fell

Then up a very muddy footpath to meet these two cuties

Crossed the stream

Then through the fields from Nateby to see the furrows by the Wharton Oak

Got close to the oak

Then headed for home with a glance back

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Monochromatic Snow Scenes

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Sunday, March 4, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
After several days indoors because of heavy snowfall, I ventured out yesterday with the camera to find an almost monochromatic world
I didn't go far from home and weak sunlight hit the top of the fells I as headed towards Nateby

Then into Stenkrith Park and down to the river Eden where ice was starting to form amongst the rocks

The narrow gauge where the Eden heads into Stenkrith looked like a winter wonderland

And as I left the riverbank into the fields the bare trees looked quite dramatic again...
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More Ullswater

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Friday, February 16, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
Have had a couple of lovely days up at Ullswater for hubbys birthday.  Dinner Bed and Breakfast by the lake side with some bracing walks along the shoreline.  Took along my bridge camera and wasn't disappointed by the changing weather conditions.

From Aira past Glencoyne day 1

and Patterdale day 2

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Snow on the tops

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Friday, February 9, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
Enjoyed seeing the snow on the top of the fells and pennines on todays meander around Kirkby Stephen:

Liked the contrast of the snow against the sunlit fells from the viaduct walk.

Darks and lights on the top of the Pennines from the Viaduct 

Sunlit walls and barn with long shadows and the snowy Pennines in the background as we left Hartley heading back to Kirkby Stephen.
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Church Broughs Winter Sunshine

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Monday, January 29, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
I had to take some paperwork to Church Brough today.  As I'd been told that the snowdrops were out I took along my camera.  Not only did I capture the snowdrops growing in profusion:

Brough castle was looking imposing with the sunlight and shadows:

Then looking from the castle over Brough was quite a site as the sun lit up the Pennines:

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Mayburgh Henge & King Arthurs Round Table

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Friday, January 26, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
We had sunshine today so took a trip to look at Mayburgh Henge and King Arthurs Round Table.  Mayburgh Henge was interesting and deserted so plenty of scope for me to take pictures. 

From the top of the henge into the centre

A shot from the opening into the middle

Lastly got close to the remaining standing stone.

Still wondering why this was built and what was done there 2000 - 4000 years ago.  

Next onto King Arthurs Round Table  ( another neolithic henge about 400 meters from Mayburgh ).  I'm a...
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Just one shot

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Saturday, January 20, 2018, In : My Cumbria 
After a quite a busy day in T'aint Modern gallery, on the walk home, the sun was highlighting the snow on the top of the fells.  Of course by the time I had got home, changed into waking boots and put on a few extra layers, the sun had dropped so the sparking hills I was anticipating weren't any longer there.  I did however get one composition I liked and with a little tweaking in my newly acquired photoshop software, I quite like what I got.

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Last of Autumn

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Wednesday, November 8, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
I think we're seeing the last of the Autumn colours now.  Here's a few local pictures from my circular walk along the Viaduct and through Hartley before returning home.

The branches were casting twisting reflection on the bridge walls.

There were a few leaves hanging onto the trees

The dwindling leaves enabled me to scramble down to Hartley Beck bank and get a picture of the water tumbling over the Salmon Leap.
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Cumbrian Clouds

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Sunday, November 5, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
As I walked home from T'aint Modern yesterday, I saw interesting clouds being lit by the setting sun.  Dropped off my bags and headed out with the camera towards some of my favourite tree silhouettes.
We started with peach clouds.

As the sun dropped the clouds darkened and seemed to skim across the sky

A little later, as the clouds dissipated, the sky blue was lit by the setting sun and we had some swirls appear.

Then a few final hazy clouds formed and it was time to turn for home before I found ...
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Glorious Glenridding

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Saturday, October 28, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
It was a glorious day yesterday so Ullswater called.  We set off from Glenridding along the Ullswater way towards Glencoyne and encountered these wonderful Autumn scenes.

Returned to Glenridding and walked towards the Pier where the shots across the bottom of the lake were stunning.

I have plenty more shots to follow waiting to be viewed, edited. and added to the Glenridding Gallery
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Few from Derwent

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Friday, October 20, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
Had a trip to Derwent area earlier this week.  Set off at Castlerigg stone circle which was a little crowded with a coach tour and a party of schoolchildren - detracts from the atmosphere of the circle.  So I turned the camera outwards and took a shot across the fields, over Keswick and onto the mountains beyond.

Next we went down the lake to park at the Great Woods and wandered down to the shoreline and along to Friars Crag.

On the way back got an atmospheric shot of one of the Derwent Launche...
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My Favourite Fell

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Saturday, October 7, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
After a busy afternoon in T'aint Modern - a couple of shots of my favourite fell ( Wild Boar ) as the sun started to drop.

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Shap Visit

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
I put the paintbrush down yesterday and picked up the camera for a visit Shap to have a look at the Wildlife exhibition in the Old Court House ( where I've a couple of paintings on display ) and take a walk to Shap Abbey.  The weather wasn't great for photos as it was quite cloudy and dull.  I do however quite like these 2 and will have a go at some editing to see if I can make some improvements.

Shap Abbey

Shap landscape with a slight break in the clouds.
Had a bit of a sore foot before walking...
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Web work, print signing and walking

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Monday, July 24, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
Spent this morning doing some work on  the photo section of this web site to tidy up the headings of the photo galleries.  Then made a start on signing the mounts on my prints.  It's been suggested by a few people that the mounts should be signed and I noticed that other photographers do this. So got my pencil sharpened. After a while I needed some fresh air so slung my camera over my shoulder and headed up the footpath towards Wharton Hall.  I like the sunlight on the stone walls and never t...
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Moody Derwent

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Monday, June 26, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
Took a ride up to Derwent today and found the lake looking wonderful in the changing light conditions.  After parking at the Great Wood we headed to the shoreline on Calf Close Bay where the almost still water was mirroring the mountains and sky.
The water was also quite low - so there were lots of boulders peaking through the surface.
I like these conditions as the rocks lead the eyes into the scene
Heading up the shoreline towards Keswick, here's the view looking back down the side of the lak...

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Changeable at Ullswater

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Friday, June 16, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
It was a bit changeable at Ullswater today - still get some great shots though.

Bit cloudy at Aria Pier

Brightening as we walked between Aria and Glencoyne

Cloud and Sunshine at Glencoyne

More cloud and sunshine at Glencoyne

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Bees, Blooms, Butterfly and Babies

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Friday, June 2, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
At Sundays Prom Art I noticed that the gardens on the prom were looking lovely so went for a visit yesterday with the intention of doing some micro photography.  I took quite a few bees ( it was good to see several species of bees  buzzing about the blooms )

I found one butterfly who sat and posed very nicely for me

And I got very distracted in the ornamental gardens by this fluffy family.  I sat quietly on the waters wall and was delighted when the parents brought the chicks quite close to me....
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Herdy and Bells

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Sunday, April 30, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
After a day in the gallery I stretched my legs and met this lovely creature

Then came across more bluebells

Except they weren't all blue so having googled then this morning I have found that the pink ones are Spanish Bluebells

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Bluebells, Blossom, Squirrel, Lambs & Ducklings

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Sunday, April 23, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
After being inside the Taint  Modern yesterday and knowing that I'll be in there today as it was a lovely evening we took a stroll down and along the river - criss crossing bridges as we went. 
I found my first bluebells under the hedgerows

A red squirrel leaping between trees - I know this isn't a great shot but its the first time I've managed a recognisable squirrel

The footpaths were dry with long evening shadows cast across them into the budding trees.

Mother ducks were shepherding their you...
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Increasing my following

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
Yesterday I popped into town to post an ordered print of Findhorn to a new home in Scotland:

On the way back I decided to cross the fields to have a look at the lambs.

As I reached the gate to cross the last field I seemed to be attracting quite a crowd.

And by the time I reached the final gate I really had increased my following after being jostled across the field by the occupants who seemed to think that the bread, milk and butter picked up on the way home was for them.

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Sizergh Snowdrops and Swans

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Sunday, February 5, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
Had a pleasant afternoon at Sizergh today. Specifically went to photograph the snowdrops and they were certainly blooming.

How you pick one bunch to concentrate on is difficult, so I took several and liked these best pushing through the leaf fall

For the first time, in my many visits, there were swans on the lake - maybe later in the spring there'll be signets as well?

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Tree Silhouette

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Sunday, January 15, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
After a busy day in the Taint Modern Gallery yesterday, decided to stretch my legs.  The sky was blue as the sun was setting and I could see some interesting cloud formations, so decided to try for a close up silhouette of that old tree I'd spotted recently. 

When I got the the spot, the clouds had obliged nicely and were framing the tree.

I stepped back as the clouds started to dissipate and I realised that a horse has taken stance on the top of the hill adding interest to my silhouette.  He/...
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Evening Sprinkling of Snow

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Friday, January 13, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
We got our first snow of the year today.  Late in the afternoon we got some blue sky, the clouds were being tinted pink by the setting sun and the fell tops highlighted.  Got out the camera and set off towards Nateby. The Fells looked lovely in their winter finery.

I decided to make it a round circuit heading across the fields towards Wharton Hall.  Was hoping that we's get one of those spectacular dusks - that didn't happen but when we do get a spectacular dusk - here's one scene that I'm goi...
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New Year - Brough and Back on Line.

Posted by Margaret Shaw on Monday, January 2, 2017, In : My Cumbria 
Happy New Year reader.  In case anyone thinks I've been quiet for a couple of weeks my blog page hasn't been working but appears to have been fixed this morning by the nice Yola people.  So here I am back on line.  Facebook and Twitter has been my stand in with silly season profile, a trip to Ullswater and favourite pics of 2016. 
Yesterday ( New Years Day) dawned fine and bright and we took a short stroll around Brough before visiting friends.  With nice boots on I managed a few shots - tryi...
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