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CATching the Church Lights Completed

December 4, 2018
I've finished my CATching the Church Lights ( another for the Rheged event this weekend ).  For sale for £70 if you're interested.

You can see the work in progress here.

Printing for Rheged

December 3, 2018
I've decided to take the CATS along to the Rheged Evan Christmas fair.  On realising that my cards were in short supply have spent a couple of days printing and packaging ( and did my own Christmas Cards at the same time).  Here's the result.

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Latest Artworks Complete

November 28, 2018
Whilst I had some acrylic paint left in the wet pallet, I decided to do another stone so here is  CATching Stone No 22.  

 for sale £15
After beginning my flower triptych back in the summer and with a 2nd start on the Iris - Entwined Iris completes the work. But I've decided that I'm not keen on the rose so it will have to be a duo of flowers.

Entwined Iris. For Sale £40
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Christmas CATching Stones

November 18, 2018
I've finished 3 new CATching Stones with a Christmas theme.

£15.00 per stone includes custom made stand- you can buy from here
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CATs and Flowers in progress

November 16, 2018
My CATching the Church Lights has been acryliced after the watercolour washes didn't go well.

My Iris is almost complete - much happier with this than the initial version

And a new batch of CATching stones are underway with a distinctly Christmas theme,

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CATching the Light String

November 13, 2018
CATching the Light String is finished after a change from watercolours to acrylics

For sale £50.

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North East Break

November 8, 2018
Have had few days on the North East Coast staying in Beadnell.  Lots of long walks on the almost deserted beaches have been enjoyed.  However the cloudy weather has restricted photo opportunities.  Here's a few I did get yesterday and today.



Bamburgh Castle
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After Van Gough

November 2, 2018
I organised a workshop for the art group yesterday to study the trees of Van Gough.  We all took in 3 examples of his trees we particularly liked.  The afternoon started with a discussion about the pictures we'd selected and then we had a go " in the style of".  I have to admit that my own reference for in the style of was not a success and hit the bin late yesterday.  This morning I decided to have a go at one of the pictures I liked.  Here's my interpretation of wheatfield with cypress tree...
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Masking Fluid issues.

October 30, 2018
I made a start on the painting of the latest CATching pictures.  Using watercolours and wanting to keep areas white, I used masking fluid - which seems to have allowed paint to seep.  There'll be a bit of repair work to so at the details stages.

Here's where CATching the Church Lights is at

Here's where CATching the Light String is at
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Pooley Bridge Pictures

October 23, 2018
Took our friends up to Ullswater to enjoy the walk along the lake shore from Pooley Bridge.  What a treat we encountered as the sun started to set.

More photos in the Pooley Bridge Photo Gallery
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