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Autumn Ullswater

October 15, 2018
It was too beautiful a day to stay indoors so popped up to Ullswater this afternoon.  Staring at Glenridding the autumn colours were stunning against the clear blue skies.

Then late afternoon onto Pooley Bridge where shooting into the sun caused me a few problems bur I still managed a nice picture from besides the pier

and was enchanted by this swan family.


Autumn Walk and CATs Christmas

October 15, 2018
Work got well underway yesterday with adding the last touches to my CATching the Christmas Tree Painting - I'm at the beading stage and having sticky fun.

And speaking of trees - took a walk along the viaduct where the autumn colours are on show.

The recent heavy rain means the becks are flowing so there was quite a waterfall at the Salmon jump on Hartley Beck.

and I think I may have got my label for this years sloe gin

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CAtching Prints

October 13, 2018
Spent yesterday preparing and printing CATching pictures as larger prints so here they are:  A4 print size on canvas paper in 16 x 12 inch mount ( cello and backing board included ).  Pleased with how these have turned out - you can buy them from the CATching prints page

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Christmas picture

October 10, 2018
Christmas picture is underway. Catching the Christmas Tree

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Refresh in the local visitor centre

October 9, 2018
Have refreshed my work in the Kirkby Stephen Visitor centre.  Designed some new bookmarks and cards along with printing some small prints.  25% of sales goes towards the centres upkeep.

New stationery supplies ordered.

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New Inhabitants of Pendragggon?

October 2, 2018
Beautiful day so headed into Mallerstang to take a few pictures. 

Paused at Pendraggon Castle and took a few different shots:

And spotted something inside and on top of the building

By the time we headed home the premises had been vacated

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Been Framing

September 23, 2018
I rather liked some of the paintings I did whilst away so got the framing gear out.  These will be making their first appearance on the Prom next weekend.

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Home from the Moray Firth

September 21, 2018
Back home after 10 wonderful days on the Moray Firth.  We had varied weather ( including storm Ali )

Met some interesting locals by the sea

and did some small paintings of the area

Will be returning in 2019.

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Blustery but beautiful

September 12, 2018
On the Moray firth ( again ) for a few days.  Blustery but still beautiful.

Due to a very slow internet connection I'll be resisting from blogging for the rest of my stay.  Speak in a few days.

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Ullswater Glow

September 5, 2018
This was painted as a demo piece at the Penrith Arts Festival.  As I'm not keen on being watched as I work I found myself explaining to people about pastels and inviting them to have a go ( only 1 lady accepted -people didn't want to be watched either ).  A few people did pop back as the day went on to see how the work progressed.  I forgot to take photos - so no work in progress page for this one.

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