I decided that with a couple of quiet days I'd have a sort out of pics and put these to one side.  Some are going to be scrapped, some re-framed and there's a bit of printing to do. 

I then get a very polite email from a gentleman who tells me that Aria falls is in fact Aira Falls - Oops!! So then there's some work to sort out the web site - which took some time but at least now is almost done. Reason almost done -  the site navigation fails and I can't rename some of pages as I'm not able to scroll down the list.

On the positive side think I have got what the viewer sees correct and the background stuff will have to wait.

So back to the pile and making a start on the stuff that needs printing.  When the printer decides to do this:

Several hours of print head cleaning, print head alignment and changing cartridges produced one decent card print and 2 bookmarks - hurrah.  So ordered some new print cartridges.  The next day one more print and then immediately back to stripes with the blue prints getting worse.  More head cleaning and alignment  - final solution - order new printer that has to take the same cartridges as the old one as the cartridges ordered have been dispatched..  Finally discovered that I've managed to get glue on the bookmarks, so they're back in the printing pile. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!