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For anyone who had followed my blog over the years,
I've transferred my blog to a Tumblr account (Jan 2019) which shows below. 

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Margaret Shaw Artwork


As there are a couple of non drawing / painting projects in the background I’ve made little progress on my sheepies.  However I think my herdy portrait is almost finished and I have made a start on the tinted charcoal for the swaledales.  Info on the other projects to follow soon.

Posted 23 hours ago

Fishing Boat Blues - Workshop

The subject for a short workshop to be delivered at the Warcop Art Fair Sat 4th May

Posted 1 week ago

New homes for 2 photos

2 photos on their way to a new home ( once hubby has framed them )

Posted 1 week ago

New Bookmarks

Todays work.  Designing, printing and laminating bookmarks.  Here’s the new designs.

Posted 1 week ago

Northumberland Edited

Finished editing my Northumberland Coastal shots.  You can see all on my web site in 

Posted 1 week ago

Sketching the Shoreline

When the sun didn’t shine in Northumberland ( or it was lashing rain ) I got out the sketch book and captured the better weather.  Thinking that sunset with the grasses could be a very nice painting.

Posted 1 week ago

Besides the Seaside

Enjoying a few days on the Northumberland Coast

Posted 2 weeks ago

CATching Stones

3 New CATching Stones finished:

Posted 2 weeks ago

Cats Popular Today

CATching the Gap in the Wall is on it’s way to a new home in the USA and CAtching Stone 16 has been bought as a thank you gift for Cat Minding.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Bee Stones x 3

Finished the other 2 Bee Stones - here they are all together.  You can buy them from here:

Posted 3 weeks ago