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Margaret Shaw Artwork

Moody Blues from photo to painting

When I tried to print the moody blues photos I couldn’t get a print that I felt was of the right standard.  I really like the pictures so 2 transferred to the artwork in progress.  I have some long but thin canvasses  that I think will make these a good pair.  First job has been to crop the photos to a couple of long / thin compositions.


Photo Printing

There’s something very satisfying about printing photos.  Taking what you’ve produced digitally on screen, then test printing and making the final tweaks to produce a print you’re pleased with.   Mounting, signing and numbering to produce something tangible that you’re proud of and happy for people to hang on their walls.


Seascapes and landscapes underway

Have got some new artworks underway.  2 Seascapes and 2 Landscapes.  The seascapes are quite large ( for me) and are to be painted with acrylic.  The landscapes are A3 and A4 and the media has to be decided:


Highland Light 3

Highland Light 3 finished:
You can see it in progress:


River Walk

It was a beautiful afternoon yesterday so I set off for a walk along the river.   Heading through Stenkrith, went onto the rocks to get a photo mid river.  Then walked by the river through the fields before crossing swingy bridge. On the path to Kirkby Stephen noticed a Loki sign ( not seen before ) and rejoined the river with some sleepy lambs in the field.  Clambered onto the rocks where the River bends and sat there for awhile.

On re-tracing my steps back home the lambs had woken up and were racing along the banks, so another stop for me to watch them and catch the action on camera.   A little further on 4 lambs posed very nicely for me.  Back up the footpaths for a glimpse of Wild Boar in the now darkening sky.


Highland Light 3 - getting cropped.

As the paint goes on this one I’m finding that my composition isn’t working and I like what was intended as the background of the picture much more than the foreground.  Think it’s heading for a crop.



We’re into lambing season in the farms of Cumbria.  For me a delight in watching these little ones as they go about their business.  Clinging close to mum when first born and becoming playfully adventurous as the days go by. Here’s a few of Friday evenings encounters.


Picturing Kirkby Stephen

Thanks to the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald for this article about Picturing Kirkby Stephen.


Acorn Bank Visit

Weather wasn’t great for photos on a visit to Acorn Bank earlier in the week, but still enjoyed a wander around the grounds.  The daffodils were profuse creating yellow carpets all over the place.  The beehives were quiet, but there was a solitary bee making the most of some early flowers.  Birds were feasting on the fat balls and seeds down at the new nature hide. Many plants were sprouting in the gardens with some lovely pink blossom near the mill.


Blossom, Lambs and Light

On yesterdays amble we encountered: Some early blossoms ( it seems that spring is here ).  Stunning light rays breaking through the clouds.  And, of course, as this is Cumbria – lambs – who seemed to be having somewhat of an adventure ( with mothers looking on at a distance ).