My visit to Skye has come to an end.  We've continued to have some excellent weather with blue skies reflecting in the lochs and sunshine lighting up the landscape.
This was the outlook from Broadford Harbour.  I bought some earrings from here whose stones reminded me of the sea colour.  I've already managed to loose one - so will convert the remaining one into a small pendant.

I've done another small painting with my inktense sticks and pencils across the loch from Dunvegan to McLeods tables.

I did try a painting of Caisteal Uisdean (Hughs Castle) but the rocks didn't rock so you'll have to wait for the re-try.  In the meantime here's the photo.

And for our last day we returned to Coral Beach where I managed to drop my camera and had a moments panic as I thought it was knackered.  I have a dent in the cameras case and it turned out that the impact had popped the SD card out of the slot.  On reaching the bay the sea was in and showed its glorious colours over the white sands and with my now dented camera I was able to capture this.