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For anyone who had followed my blog over the years I've transferred my blog to a Tumblr account which shows below. 

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Margaret Shaw Artwork

Wharton Sunset

Using 2 photos to create a sunset scent over the Wharton Landscape.  See Work in Progress on my web site:

Posted 1 day ago

Parrot in Profile - New Work in Progress

Have started a new Parrot Painting after some flipping, cropping and 2 drawings I think I’m ready to start painting:

Posted 2 days ago

Parrots Complete

I’ve finished my inktense paintings of my Kirkby Stephen Parrots.  You can view these in my Fauna Artwork Gallery: and you can see them in from concept to completion on the work in progress page:

Posted 6 days ago

Pastel Clean Up

Figured that I could manage to clean my pastels with an injured shoulder.  Bought myself a new box and got to work.  Some were so mucky I didn’t even know what lay beneath the grime.  Look at all those lovely colours.  

Posted 1 week ago
<p>Exhibitions and events building up for 2019 - <a href=""></a></p>

Exhibitions and events building up for 2019 -

Posted 1 week ago

Progress on Parrots

Another painting in progress - started painting with inktense:

Posted 1 week ago

2 Lakes, 2 media, 2 very different paintings in progress

My Derwentwater acrylic painting is progressing nicely - very dark and I’m liking the drama I’m creating.  I’m approaching the finishing touches which will be pencilled onto the canvas before adding the acrylic to make sure I’m happy with the proportions.

My Ullswater pastel painting doesn’t seem to be going too well.  Its a completely different mood from my Derwent painting in progress and I find myself thinking more drama - or am I being influenced by the boldness of the Derwent acrylic? On my Ullswater work I can see that my middle mountain has developed a smooth edge and my waterline has gone wobbly.  Corrections required.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Some of 2018 Favourites

As the year draws to a close I’ve added some of my favourite pictures of 2018 to my about me web page - and updated my profile picture.  Here’s to a happy 2019 - cheers everyone.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Stunning Skies

What a stunning sky we were treated to this evening over Kirkby Stephen.  Shot from the bedroom window.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Derwentwater in progress

I have to admit that this one has been on the “in progress” shelf for some time ( Aug 2017 was the start date ).  Feeling inclined to get out the acrylics with an afternoon of painting time - here’s where I got to yesterday ( 29th Dec 2018 ).  You can see the work in progress on my web site -

Posted 2 weeks ago