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Margaret Shaw Artwork

Highlands Edit

Got some wonderful shots on my visit to the Highlands in May


Flower Editing


On this damp morning have been editing some flower photos taken over the last few weeks.  Took me awhile to find out that the spikey flowers are Sea Holly.


Works in Progress at drawing stage


Now I’ve left my busy June behind I’m hoping that in July I can get on with a few artworks I have on the go.  3 brought to the drawing stage ready for transfer to  canvas and board for the acrylic paint.
Higland Light 4    Squalling    Sunset Sea Grassses


Racing along the Riverbank

Completed my latest artwork “Racing along the Riverbank”.  Worked over several weeks at several locations and with a complete head removal at one point, you can see the work in progress here.


Picturing Kirkby Stephen

On Saturday I took part in the first Picturing Kirkby Stephen competition.  Had a good day with great company ( even if a little stressful when one of the pictures in my triptych went wrong and I had to have a quick re-think ).  As one of the organisers found it quite hard to do my thing whist ensuring that everyone else was OK doing theirs.  However quite pleased with what I created under the circumstances.  Today hung the exhibition in the Parish Church with people buying artworks before we’d finished hanging.  Well worth a look if you’re in the area and a in very interesting and historic church


Moody Blues 2

Moody Blues 2 is finished and will be framed as soon as the wood arrives to make a floating frame ( wrong wood was delivered ).  In the meantime it’s for sale and can be bought pending frame.  Here’s the piece in progress.


Moody Blues 2 in progress

Had some painting time yesterday so got back to work on Moody Blues 2 as I’d like to take this and its sister painting Moody Blues 1 to Prom Art on Sunday 30th June.


Gt Musgrave photos

Some photos from days 1 – 4 during the EVAN art trail at Gt Musgrave.  Day 5 saw me at Taint Modern ( editing the photos ) Now having a couple of days off before going back to Gt Musgrave for the last 2 days of the art trail with Liz on Saturday22nd and Sunday 23rd


EVAN Art Trail

All set up for the EVAN Art Trail - info and brochure:


Swans Sail to a new home

My Sizergh swans left the EVAN gallery in Penrith this week.  The buyer loved the painting but hated the frame.  So I have to say thanks to Sarah Reid for help in providing and doing a quick re-frame.  Maybe I should think of having a notice - frames can be changed.