After a busy day in the gallery I decided to do a river walk ( the river in question being the eden ).  It was fine and sunny and I decided to don my wellingtons with the intention of going in the water.
I set off in Stenkrith Park where the sunlight danced through the dappled trees.

Then onto the river rocks to watch the water winding through the gaps.

And even peer down a hole to see the river flowing under my feet.

Up from the river and across the fields to view the distant mountains through the trees.

Then back down and into the river to view the bridge at the end of Bollam Lane

Under the bridge and back into the water to see what looked like giant goldfish in the middle of the river

Closer inspection showed them to be rocks lit by the sun but I quite liked the idea of the goldfish

Across the bridge and up the footpath turned right toward Nateby and over ( well in actually ) a small beck trickling through the field.

Continuing to the end of the footpath a look back over a poetry stone to the fells

Over a bridge and onto the viaduct walk with a view over Nateby of Wild Boar fell.

At the end of the viaduct walk a view from the bridge over the fells

Across the road and back down to the river for a last look at the water before heading for home.

In case anyone is wondering - I did get a bit wet - but it soon dried.