Went to art group this morning and made quite a good start on pastelling my sizergh swans - haven't quite got the beak of the back bird right but pastel is very forgiving so I'll hopefully be able to tweak that.

After lunch decided that I could do with some fresh air and as the day was cloudy / sunny I decided to take a stroll.  Thought it may be the type of day where the contrast between the light and dark may make some interesting photos.
I'd taken a new route as I'd realised that a good shot of Wild Boar Fell could be obtained from one of the footpaths to Wharton Hall.  I'm afraid that I didn't get the anticipated shot as it started to rain (there's always another day).  However I did find myself in a bit of a quagmire - not sure I'll ever get my boots clean.

Finally as I hurried back home (leaving a muddy footprint trail) I saw some fluffy blossoms of a pussy willow against a foliage of a dark pine tree. I managed to tear my coat leaning over the wall to get this.

Boots are currently drying out ( socks and jeans are in the washing basket) - coat is waiting to be mended.