Margaret Shaw - Buy Photos - Waterways

Here's links to the photos I have available to buy as limited prints of Waterways.  I enjoy meandering along rivers, streams, becks and waterways.  In summer, when the trees are in full leaf, the sunlight breaks through causing lights to dance on the water.  In winter the leafless trees reflect shakily in the moving water.  Occasionally I go in the water to get the right shot - usually with wellington boots on.  However, should the day be warm enough, its lovely to remove shoes and socks and have the cool water running over my feet.

Each photo is numbered and signed, from a limited print of various sizes indicated on purchase description.  Mounts, backing boards and cellophane covers are included.  I produce the prints in my studio to guarantee the quality of ink, paper and the limited numbers.

Select from the the sizes below to see the pictures that are available in that size and purchase facilities.

If you are interested in having a license to use my photos, please contact me to discuss availability and a price.  If a photo has already sold as part of a limited print I will not grant a license for its use. Likewise if a photo is licenced for use it will be withdrawn from the limited print range.

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