Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WiP An Ullswater Evening

On a late Autumn day as the sun dropped behind the mountains Ullswater glowed.To be painted on a large ( for me ) landscape canvas - 60 x 35 cm.  First job was tocrop the photo image to work on the canvas.

Next step - draw to size - can already see that:  I need to keep the fence posts straight. The mountain in the centre needs to cross over the other.  There are too many clouds in the sky (on painting I'm going to push up the ones on the right of the photo).

Got out the coloured pencils to start thinking about colours to be used and tonal values.  Yellow Ochre, Browns, Greys, blue greys, black and white will be on the pallett.  

Outline drawing transferred to canvas.  Largest canvas I've worked on 60 x 35 cm / 24 x 14 inches.