Margaret Shaw - Artwork - Wip CATching Stones

I picked up these flat stones 2 years ago with the intention of painting them. 
Only recently has inspiration struck with the re-emergence of the CATching series. 
Just a few ideas jotted down. 
As I do my CATching paintings in watercolours, not sure how successful I'll be with acrylics.
Started by applying clear gesso to the stones to give me a painting surface. 
I used clear gesso as, if possible, I wanted to use the stone itself as part of the painting.
Pictures were drawn onto stones with pencil.
Started to paint with the dark colours first - black cats and lamp ( it seemed appropriate to use lamp black ).  
Prussian Blue and Paynes Grey mix for the night sky. 
 Put the branches on the tree in the top left one a bit soon  as I had to do the moons halo
 and stars so would be over painting then putting the tree back in.
Decided to use the single cat with the moon as my experiment stone. 
Put the halo round the moon and added some stars. 
Didn't like the stars and thought that the moon was too large. 
So with the flexibility of acrylic painted over the stars, reduced the overall size of the moon and re inserted the halo.  Picture finished - what about a signature? 
Painted the back of the stone dark and added white signature
- signed with a white pencil for guidance and painted with titanium white acrylic.

After finishing the single cat onto the three. 
Most mistakes had been made so this one went relatively smoothly. 
These cats are considerably smaller which meant fine brushes, daylight lamp and a magnifying glass required.

Working on the principle that there are similarities in these stones,
they were being painted simultaneously. 
Likecd the moon and the shrubs. 
These cats are very small so care was taken with the shaping - again magnifying glass and the finest brushes.  

Played with the designs and with the small moon some stars in the sky - or snowflakes - that's up to the viewer. 
The tree didn't work in black ( couldn't be seen ) so some white highlights did the trick. 
The lamp stone measures 7 x 11 cm and the tree stone 9.5 x 9.5 cm.
Last step - varnish to protect the paint.
Additions to the moon stones - dots, dashes and spots to portray craters and rough surface.
You can see all the CATching stones here.