Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WiP CATching the Lamp Lights

Since I took this hazy photo a few years ago I've been thinking about using it for my CATching series.
With a bit of cropping and imagination - here's the prelimary drawing. 
The lamp at the back needs to increase in size. 
Whilst I appreciate that the perspective will be off - with a painting like this from my imagination
- I don't think that will matter.

Picture transferred to watercoluor paper.  Masked the moon and the lamps and then used a toothbrush to spatter masking fluid in the sky to give a milky way effect.  Put on the initial wash and dabbed out the aurora of the moon and the lamps.  Added a second wash as the first wasn't dark enough and dabbed out the auroras again.  This has resulted in an uneven wash but hopefully when the trees and the lamps are added this will not be as obvious.  Rubbed off the masking fluid and do like the stars from the spattering.  Some of the paper tore round the moon when masking fluid lifted so gouache to the recuse and can see another ckat needed.