Margaret Shaw - Artwork - Wip CATching the Shoreline

I like my CATching paintings that contain lamps ( even though they are difficult to do ). 
Remembered this picture taken a couple of years ago.
With a few tweaks there's a CATching composition.
Transferred drawing to watercolour paper. 
Masked out the moon and splattered masking fluid over the sky to create the stars. 
Painted the sky dark with a pthalo blue/paynes grey mix. 
Once dry rubbed off the masking fluid to reveal a starry sky. 
Washes of: Ultramarine for the background hills and path near the lamps. 
Paynes Grey for the ground near the hills and the shoreline. 
Pthalo blue for the sea. 
Thinking I will leave the path with the cats on white.
Tidied up the moon and the lamps. 
Darkened the sea after adding in some wavy lines that didn't work. 
 Lightened the top of the hills and made the headland more pointed. 
Added the rocky shore and some rocks under the hills ( that may become a wall ). 
Felt like I need to stop and think where I want this one to go.
After a pause:
Added the shrubs under the hills.
Made a wall behind the lamps.
Edged the ground areas.
Added some waves into the water and lightened the surface
Added a few more highlights into the hills.
Painted in the lamps and the cats.

Mounted and framed ( for sale )