Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WIP Catching the Twisty Tree

I've used this tree as a model several times as the twist in the trunk fascinates me
This time it will be made into a monochrome picture and added to the CATching series

Drawing / composition worked out ( middle cat is going to be difficult )
First washes ( using prussian, pthalo and ultramarine blues plus paynes grey ) with moon and stars masked. 
Then re-drew in the tree and the  middle cat plus some stones in the wall. 
Decided on curves in the ground to work with the curved wall.

Ran another wash over the background to smooth out the sky.
Rounded off the moon and added the stars with the use of white gouache.
Added the bushes by dropping in all different blues.
Very lightly painted in the tree.
Painted the stones and mortar on the wall and posts.
Added some shadow at the base of the wall and posts and can see that the angle on the left is wrong.
Painted in the cats.  The centre cat has changed angles as I couldn't get the profile right. Collard done with white gouache

Lifted the wonky shadow and that will need re-doing once dry
Rounded the top of the posts that the cats sit on.
More gouache on the moon.
More squiggles in the wall.
Started work on the tree emphasising the twist with payees grey and priussian blue mix
on the lighter areas, then pure paynes grey on the dark ares.

Added the craters to the moon - drawing in first with a watercolour pencil to get positioning.
Changed the wall to have the stones darker and the top white
Blacked in the cats.
Added a few highlights to the bushes
Re-marked the shadows
Decided that the tree also needed to be black so went over the darker areas.
Mounted and Framed and for sale.