Margaret Shaw - Artwork - Wip CATching Comets

I'm taking part in an exhibition of small artwork ( size 20x20cm / 8 x 8 inches ) starting at the end of February 2018. 
I've decided to continue with my CATching artworks as I came up with the idea of CATching Comets 1,2,3 & 4.
Here's the initial designs.

Started to Paint with acrylics and suspected that the sky is too dark.

Confirmed when I did the rest of the blocking in underpainting-  but can be easily altered. 
Having fun working on 4 pictures at the same time to ensure consistency with them.
I think you can see where these are heading.

Went over the sky with a turquoise, phthalo blue and ultramarine mix so the cats are clearer
and put a second layer of black on the cats.

Added the details and we have 4 CATching comets completed.