Margaret Shaw - Artwork - Wip Higland Lights 1

I took some stunning photos in the Highlands - including this one of Burghead Beach
which got me thinking about an Highland Lights Series. 
As I had a canvas prepared with a dark blue ground it seemed like a good opportunity to make a start.

Under painting just to get the composition in place.
Lighter colours required in the sky - can see me using lots of white mixing paint.

Worked on the sky with ultramarine, mixing white, burnt umber and paynes grey.  Mixing and blending the paint all over with a large round brush.  Have put a moon in as I'm working on a previously used canvas and couldn't get rid of the previous moon marks.  This means that the light source needs moving from the right to the left of the painting which I've marked out in the land.  Quite liking where this is going.