Margaret Shaw - Artwork - Wip Higland Lights 3

Portknockie harbour hosts some stunning sunsets and so this one is to become no 3 in my Highland Lights Series.

I did the outline drawing whilst staying in Portknockie - plans to return are afoot.

Several months later have started the painting stage of Highland Light 3. Within the first session I’ve already messed up and need to make changes. Haven’t done a watercolour at this size (A3) for some time for feeling a bit rusty. The sky worked even though a little of the sea ran up into it as I didn't wait for it to dry fully.  That was easily resolved with a little lifting and a dab of chinese white.  The water wash ended up with some runbacks and a harsh line where I went from light wash to darker wash.  Putting lines on the water helped with that.  Too much wonky ochre in the foreground which I lifted. 

The painting progressed.  Worked on the ochre / white highlight using some white gouache to recover the lights and cover over the lifted area.  Decided on a very dark green ( pthalo green mixed with paynes grey for the headlands ).  For the mid ground headlands dropped in yellow ochre and paynes grey to create a mottled effect.  Onto the harbour walls with ochre, paynes grey and purple lake to create a browns.  Having lost all traces of the drawing re-drew in the random rocks, piers and boats ( plus some additional boats ).  The front and right of the picture seemed empty with too much blue.  I'm wasn't keen on the  ochre and white coming into the foreground.  I liked the top left of the image so placed a mount on top and decided on a crop.

Once cropped:  Completed the rocks making a dark brown from the colours on the pallet.  Added shadows onto the harbour walls.  Added the random rocks and put the antenna on the harbour tower.  Had a think about some figures but decided against it.  Finishing off with a white mount and a black frame.