Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WIP My Flowers

I'm quite pleased with the flowers I have in my garden tubs ( June 2018 ).  With the hot weather and watering they are quite profuse.  Wanting to take something to the art group to work on, I took a few photos with the intention of doing some small pastels. 

A bit of photo shop editing showed up the colours in the white begonia

After pastelling session 1. 
Using pastel pencils for the colours topped with a blending white
pastel stick.

Working top to bottom - left to right - at the end of session 2.

Pastelling finished but which way up should the picture be?

My lillies are vibrant yellows and oranges.

Outline drawing

Pastelling started. 
Already getting confused with the underlying and overlying petals.

Working petal by petal making sense.  Need to get those middles darker - after all the petals placed.

All petals filled and middles darkened - considering adding a 3rd bud.

Didn't add another bud.  Drew in and filled in the petals with 3 shards of green - 1 light and 2 dark.

My pinks are from the palest pink to maroon.

Outline drawing for the pinks.