Margaret Shaw - Artwork - Wip Poppies

Its November and my thoughts have turned to poppies.  I started by attempting the reference picture on the left.  It was a disaster from the word go and rapifly went in the bin.  So looking through my poppy photos I liked the image on the right ( particularly the light ) and decided that a combination of the 2 would maybe work?
Here's the design.
Transferred onto the pastel paper
Pastelling started with 3 shades of red and 3 shades of orange for the petals. 
Light purple, dark purple and blue for the centres.

Filled in the last flower center and added more highlight to the petals. 
Put in the buds and the stems, followed by the leaves. 
Next job to cover the smudged pastel with a black background. 
At the same time define some of the black negative shapes.