Margaret Shaw - Artwork - Wip Port Charlotte Evening

From my trip to Florida in Nov 2019 - an evening spent at the beach in Port Charlotte. 
I like the sole palm tree at the waters edge.

Quick sketch for the layout were I've taken the artistic licence
to move the signs in the water to lead the eye into the picture. 
Plan to do this A3 size with pastels.

Marked in the sky with 2 pale shades of ochre, pale blue, medium and dark grey and white.  I've deciced to move the light area to the right of the sky as that is what makes the tree stand out.

Blended the sky and built up with layers of the colours chosen.  Sky is allot softer having gone back to working from one reference.

Added a few more darks to the sky. Land added with dark grey and light blue mix to make sure that it will be lighter than the foreground to help with distance perspective.  Water worked in usual way with build up of pastel short to long lines overlapping sky colours.

Added the tree using charcoal pencil and pastel dark ochre highlights on the leaves.  I practiced drawing the shape of the tree on tracing paper and then transferred this onto the image using pastel on the back of the paper and marking out with a sharpish pencil.   Blocked in the sand with a strip of light to the left of the tree.

Added the sign in the water but decided on 1 sign as the others didn't work and were lifted out.  Made the tops of the land in the distance more rugged to represent tree tops and darkened where the land meets the water.  Added the grasses at the front with dark green and then went over with black, ochre and olive.  A few lines to make the sand rough.  Debated putting a figure by the tree but decided that this picture needs solitude to invite the viewer to the edge of the water.

Played about with frames and thinking grey would work.