Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WiP Sundown Pooley Bridge

Christmas Day 2019 saw a spectacular light show at Pooley Bridge on Ullswater as the sun began its descent.  Thought I'd give it a try in pastels as I needed a new project to take along to the art group.

Started with an outline drawing to keep proportions right.  Transferred the drawing to pastel paper and with work on the sky it became apparent that there's too much darkness at the top of the picture for a painting.

Cropped the photo to reduce that large dark area of sky.

Then redrew the outline.

There was an attempt at that sky that was completely unsuccessful.  Still too much darkness at the top.  I could either change media - but I already had 3 acrylic works on the go - or stick with pastels and use the photo as inspiration for doing one of my blended skies. I decided to stick with the pastels and reduce that dark area.  I put in the whites and the ochres and blended those.  Then I added the grey and the blues and started to fully blend.  Amongst all the blues in my pastel box there wasn't a dark enough blue so I had to add some black and found itvery difficult not to let the black take over.

Once the sky was fully blended it was time to think about the mountains.  On the photo they are just all black so I got out some more greys and dark brown for the mountain colours.

Mountains added working light to dark coming forward for distance perspective and creating texture with blenders.  Then did the reflections trying to keep the shapes in line and remember which combination of pastel was used for each area.  

Lightened the land at the left and smudged the ;andreflections so they weren't quite so mirror like.  Then added the sky reflections again keeping these less sharp than the sky.

Sealed and put into a white mount and black frame ( after signing - photo taken before signature added ).
Finally a re-name "Reflections at Sundown".