Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WiP Swaledales

Needing something portable and light to take to the art group ( torn shoulder muscle made carrying difficult) I got some pencil and A4 paper and decided to draw this group of swaledales I'd encountered.

Here's the drawing.  A few legs needed repositioning.

Transferred the drawing to pastel paper - yellow tones working well with some of the sunlight on the sheep.  Decided on tinted charcoals as the colours are perfect.  First sheep in place.  Needed to protect drawing as I worked as I'dalready managed to remove some of the outlines.

It was then a case of working through each sheep from left to right.  Putting the shading in first and then going over with white to blend and establish the highlights.  Legs were added after each sheeps body was filled in.

After the last sheep finished, added the dark area to ground them.
The paper has proved difficult to photograph so concentrated on getting the seep to show as are.

Mounted and framed.