Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WiP The Race

I took this delightful picture whilst walking along the banks of the river eden.  As the lambs were galloping fairly fast the photo is a little blurred and therefore won't make a great photo print.  Having just sold Lambs Playtime I thought this may make a good replacement for in my painting stock.

I did attempt to draw the picture freehand but lost the sense of movement so decided to size on the pc and outline trace the lambs to ensure that the legs show movement and get the proportions right ( those legs are quite chunky ).  Work underway with tinted charcoal to fill in the bodies.

Working left to right to avoid smudging, one lamb was completed. Putting the tints in place first then working over with white charcoal to blend.  Finally back in with a white pastel pencil to bring forward the highlights.

So I took the race to the EVAN open Studio as a work in progress. Didn't make much progress as the middle lambs head needed to be removed and re-done when I got the angle completely wrong.  I also decided to give him a white nose end as he looks cuter like that.

Completed the last lamb and it was time to decide on the background.  After doodling in a few lines here and there I decided to go with the photo and have the lambs racing along the riverbank ( so came a change of title ).

Completed the water and the trees.

Then onto the foreground stony path and grasses.  Finished and framed.