Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WiP Yacht Silhouette

Too much light and dust on the camera lens didn't make a great photo, however things can be changed on the canvas.  First job was crop the photo to work on a long thin landscape canvas 50 x 20 cm / 19.5 x 8 inches.

Next step to draw the picture where I've turned the left yacht to face inwards and I've created a gap of land in the centre of the shore.

Coloured pencils helped me to start planning colours and tones.  I'm seeing yellow ochres, greys, grey blues, olive, black and whites.

Drawing transferred to canvas.

Underpainting - painted roughly to get some tones and objects in place.  Managed to obliterate the furthermost mountains when painting in the sky so recovered them ( need sharpening ).  Tried a new blending brush which moulted dreadfully hence the reason for a very blotchy sky as I pulled off the hairs.  However on a positive note the grey blue and the naples yellow haven't blended into a green.  The blotch of pale yellow is making me think that I may put the setting sun in there to give some reason for the white around the right hand yacht.  I'm liking my colour choices which are: Mixing white throughout.  Raw umber, cobalt blue and naples yellow in the sky and water.  Paynes grey, raw sienna, vandyke brown, cadmium yellow, yellow ochre andnaples yellow in the land mass. 

2nd layer of paint.  Still showing the light blob in the right of the sky but that will be sorted with the sun  Blocked in the mountains starting with naples yellow and white mix for the further most ones and adding more yellow then onto browns coming forward.  Time to pause and have a think about next steps.

Added the sun and the clouds with titanium white and then did more work on the transition from blue to yellow in the sky using titanium white mixed with yellow ochre.  Started work on texturing the mountains.

Worked the texture into the mountains darkening as I came forward.  Trees painted dark and there are some highlight which aren't showing in the photo.  Changed the colour of the grass.

I added some more light to the trees to break them up from a dark mass.  Then I added some lines to the water.  Decided it was time to mark in the yachts and things didn't look right.  Added some more foliage at the bottom of the trees and took it across the gap in the middle (needs some refining).  The water needed to be more reflective of the sky.  Mixed some more of the sky colours and got out the blending brush - more yellow at the right, more grey blue at the left and then blended in the middle.  Pleased to report that the blending brush is no longer shedding all its hairs.  I'm debating a third boat - a yacht in the distance or the dinghy as per the photo.  But this will have to wait for a few days as the seaside beckons.

Needing to work this out before continuing, I opened the image in "paint" on the pc and had a play.  I think the piece of light land in the middle was distracting so that needed to be darkened.  A 3rd boat in the form of a rowing boat creates more interest and balance.  Rocks / buoys in the middle lead the eye across the painting.  Additional light around the right boat made it the focus if the artwork.  And some yellow highlights on the boats break them up. I started to see the advantages of digital artwork in the area of changing ones mind.

Filled in the light area in the middle of the picture.  Added the outline of the little boat and dotted in the stones / buoys.  Added grey/blue, light ochre and white to the water.  I felt happierwith this.

Put some more white around the right yacht as this is the focal point of the painting.  Then to work on the yachts.  Initially I painted them black but that was very stark and didn't fit the rest of the work.  So I mixed some of the raw umber into the black and these looked better.  Added some highlights to distinguish the top of the yachts from the base and then highlighted the rooves and the sails.  Hada debate with myself about reflections, too much looked wrong so lightened the colour used for the yachts and then carefully blended with the water blue and the white just to give a hint of refection.  Tidied up the shoreline and signed.

Having played about with frame colours on line, this one will be going in a white frame.