Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WiP Amber Sunset

Started this painting as a demo piece in pastel to take along to a show.
Initial step was to alter the composition to have the water in the bottom third of the painting
and reduce the amount of dark rock. 
Put into a grid to use to explain to visitors how I was working.

As I hit this stage a comment was passed about a tsunami coming in
and once I had that idea in my head that was all that I could see.
So I removed the tsunami and added the rocks and didn't like this
- hence the tear down the middle - this one is in the bin.

Made a second attempt that was even worse than the first. 
I like doing skies and this is where I was, when having layered pastel over pastel,
I'd smudged the whole thing together and re started on the whites.
This was not going to work as I was getting muddy colours.

So here are on the third attempt. 
Changed the colour of paper used and have started with pastel pencils in an attempt to position to bands of colour. 
My idea is now to go over with stick pastels to get depth of colour but keep those bands. 
As this is just a little larger then A4 I'm wondering if I should have done it larger.

Looking much more like the colours and the pattern in the sky.
Once I had the sky right it was a matter of a few strokes of pastel
to add the water and flicked in the rocks - leaving holes for the rock pools.

As a pastel needed mounting and framing to protect the work.
Renamed Fire in the Sky.