Margaret Shaw - Artwork -WIP Ambleside Dusk

Having purchased a couple of long thin canvases early 2016,  I decided it was time to paint a wide landscape. 
I'd taken the photo of this beautiful Amblside evening using the landscape facility on the camera but
decided that I preferred to use one of the normal photos and experimented with the cropping.
I established this composition with a balance between water and sky I liked. 
I also like how the rocks at the front lead you into the scene. 

I've marked out the dark areas on the canvas with acrylic paint and seem to have got carried away with the boats
- can feel a bit of boat removal coming on.

After a confirming comment from a fellow artist that it looked like the D Day landing
it was time to remove some boats.  I think five is a better numner.

Painted in the blues and started to place the cloud formations. 
The blues are much darker than  the reference but I do like bold colours.
Blues used ultramarine, cerulean with some mixing white to give different shades.

Next step the clouds. Used ultramarine and burn umber to make a grey.  Adding white to create different shades and painted with a cotton bud and fingers to get swirls.  For the lights, white with a minute amount of cad orange. Where the clouds had started to grow filled back in with sky colours to get some good shapes.
Painted in the distant mountains with a light grey mkix of white and paynes grey.  Let that partially dry and then used paynes grey to put in a treeline - straightening it at the shore
Next the reflections - using colours mixed and extra white, have tried to mirror the shapes in the top half of the painting.  Can see that the left side doesn't quite line up and may do some correction work or not.  Need to decide if I'm being picky.
Worked on the water and have some blotches in the centre that I'm not happy with.  The cloud reflections need some re-shaping with the blues to more mirror the sky.  Put the stones in and have decided at this point to leave the boats out - I don't think they will add anything to the scene.
Decided that the bright cloud reflections were distracting from the clouds that are the actual focus of the scene, so toned them down and made them less shapely.  Whilst I was working on those made the reflection of the mountains on the left more in congruence with the shapes above.  Signed and waiting to be sealed.  For Sale.