Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WiP CATching Across the Moon

I decided that I didn't like 2 of my CATching paintings ( CATching comets ) so sandpapered the canvases, applied white gesso and painted them dark with a view to some new CATching paintings.

First job to come up with the ideas for pictures.  After some doodling we have the start of "2 CATching Across the Moon" and "3 CATching across the moon".

Canvases painted with background from a mixture of pthalo, winsor and ultramarine blues and design transferred using white tracedown paper.

First layers of paint in place and there is a problem that the cats are difficult to make out from the background - the camera is being kind in trying to sort this.  Moon is going to be re-sized around the cats.

Moon repositioned and larger (and several attempts to get a round moon ).  Thinking that the cats look like they are sitting on a keyboard - that may be up to the viewer to decide. Colours more like the real thing with this shot.

Whitened the moon and added texture to the trees.  Just a few finishing touches and these will be ready for framing.

Put on the cats collars with a very pale grey as white may have made them look de-capitated.  Added some marks on the moon.  Evened out the background with another coat of paint.  Lightened the stones in the walls.

Pictures to be going into white frames and for sale.