Margaret Shaw - Artwork - Wip From Strandshag Bay

Strandshag Bay lies near the head of Derwent Water. 
I enjoy the moodiness of the winter scenes up there and this shot was taken back in February 2015. 
I have a long thin canvas that has been waiting for a picture. 
I came across the ratio gridding method and decided to have a go. 
This was the result from the A4 photo.
Now transferred onto an initial drawing. 
Changes already to be made - remove the bottom branch on the left. 
Another one in the painting pile.
Put a ground of grey/blue onto the canvas and transferred the drawing - omitting that lower branch.

Dec 2018 - Have to admit that this painting has been on the to do shelf for several months ( about 18 )so time to make a determined effort to make some progress.  Chose a mainly a cool pallet - winsor blue, cerulean blue, turquoise, paynes grey, mixing white.  Built up the sky with swirls of a large and a medium round brushes.  Dipping into the colours and effectively mixing on the canvas.  Rinsing brushes between the lighter and the darker areas.  Then put the water in with a mix of all the paint left on the pallet.  Left to dry.

With a flat brush used the blues for the distant mountains then added lemon to the colours to mix up some greens to mark out the nearer mountains.  Finally paynes grey for the nearest land masses.  Turned to titanium white to add the lights to the sky and some payes grey / white mix for the darker areas - by this time I'd put the brushes down and had started to paint with fingers.  Some more paint is needed round the mountain tops and the skyline needs re-shaping in a few places.

Re-shaped the skyline and worked the detail in the mountains adding burgundy and vandyke brown to the pallet.  Stroked on the colours in the shape of the land to get lights and darks and blended the colour transitions.  Dark mass at the left with paynes grey and cerulean mix and slightly more blue in the mix for the bottom of the mountains - distant shoreline.  Lightened the water by adding fine lines of titanium white.  More highlights required in the water before marking in the trees on the right, the 2 islands and the figures on the shore with watercolour pencils to ensure sizes right before painting.

Lightened the water.  Added the islands, figures on the left shore, right trees / shrubbery.  Reshaped the rock at the right pointing into the scene.  Added the fence running into the water.

Rustic White frame to finish and for Sale.