Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WiP Goslings

I took this lovely photo at the Ornamental Gardens in Grange over Sands. 
Sitting quietly admiring these babies (camera at the ready),
I was delighted when the parents seemed to think I was a suitable baby sitter
and ushered the little ones towards me. 
This had been screaming pastels to me for a few weeks.
The debate in my mind was between doing them as one picture or doing them as a triptych. 
So I drew up both options and figured as I've got that far I may as well do both. 
Pastels and charcoal on yellow paper. 
Single goslings drawn on 8 x 6 inch paper
Gosling 1 after being pastelled, blended
and beak / eye placement.

Gosling 2 after being pastelled, blended
and beak / eye placement.
Gosling 3 with pastel patches waiting to be blended
and have eye and beak placed.

Gosling 1 waiting for background
Gosling 2 waiting for background
Gosling 3 isn't quite right with the colours. 
Incongruence between head and back of body
 - some fixing needed.
Made the fixes to Gosling 3
by going over the body with pastels and re-blending. 
Green backgrounds added and framed.

The drawing of the 3 goslings together
was done on A4 size paper

I decided that a long thin layout was going to work bettter - reducing the background to keep the focus on the babies.
Anyway here's where I got to
after the first pastelling session. 
The eye of the left gosling needed  re-positioning
and just a hint of something there rather than a full eyeball.

Refined the feathers with the pastel pencils
and added the highlights to the beaks. 
The centre gosling looks like its wearing a bandit mask
so will need to soften that. 
Decided on a yellowy green background which will
become more grass like at the next pastelling session.

Grass added with a few daisies.