Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WiP Harbour Dusk

I encountered this stunning image whilst on holiday on the Moray Firth.  A wonderful place for sunsets and dusk.  As a  matter of face it's pretty wonderful full stop - but I diverse.
I've done the initial drawing from the photo on the I pad and now I'm on the laptop
I can already see a few tweaks that need making but I'll do those at the transfer to art paper stage.
I've also drawn at A4ish size but am wondering about a scale up to A3ish.

Left it at A4 and decided to have a play with some recently acquired Derwent Art Bars. 
Here's the initial layers - not happy with the sky as I'm not getting the dark / light contrast I'm looking for.
Maybe I need to read the leaflet on how to use your art bars or change to inktense bars for the darks.

Continuing with the artbars, I read the instructions in the tin and have changed
the approach to using them more like pastels than watercolour paints. 
I'm getting some of the darks, but there are allot of blotches on the paper
and overworked colours loosing the lights - could be a re-start
or maybe some other media to re-establish the lights?

Continued to work with the artbars and have now lost all the light and have an overworked sea and sky. 
But I prefer what I've done to the rocks.  Time to change media to re-establish the lights.

All did not go well with the rescue.  I decided on pastels.  The sky worked but as I moved into the water I realised that I'd also used watersoluble wax pastels and they didn't play with the dry pastels.  So some sanding and scratching at the surface followed to remove some of the existing paint.  Things started to improve until I got to the front of the picture when there was nothing that worked for me.  Next step - try smaller mounts than planned ( a4 mount with 23 x 16 cm aperture and I think I may have something.  So finally took to the paper with scissors.  Jury is out on this one but I think we have a better composition.  Maybe a re-start with this as a small study?

After 2 pastelling sessions this is where I am with the re-start.  A4 size.  Want to get some darks in the sky.

After a little more work on the sky, moved onto the land and sea.

This one feels like its becoming very laboured.  The sky's too harsh so I've blended with fingers to soften the transitions between the colours.  Still haven't got the darks I wanted, so may go back in at the risk of mud in the sky.  Thinking that the top of the harbour wall may pick up on the yellows............................

So we now have quite a change to colour with the attack of the greys ( got the idea from Highland Lights 1 ). 
I think I need to stop messing about with this and simply go for it. 
Even though it's currently feeling like a "heading for the bin" one.

Things didn't go well!!
On reflection I think that had I used watercolours
I would have been able to work tonally from the lightest to the darkest values. 
Done over several sessions allowing the paint to completely dry between sessions. 
Maybe one to come back to in the future.