Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WiP Moody Blues 2

As with moody blues 1 another where I couldn't get the photo to print as I wanted.  With a few long thin canvases in the cupboard this is destined to be the 2nd of the moody blues pair.  Similar to moody blues 1 I think the crop of the picture is working.  I particularly like the curve and line of the shoreline.

Out line drawing on the canvas

Very quick and rough underpainting to get some colour on the canvas

Then onto the painting proper.  Chose my colours – ultramarine (after deciding winsor blue wasn’t right), mixing white, permanent rose and will be adding some paynes grey ( after deciding winsor violet isn’t right ) to darken the blue.  Working across the sky left to right.  Reached the stage of bringing the darker clouds in from the right.  

Darkened the right of the sky and added some wispy clouds.  Then highlighted the clouds with titanium white
( using fingers to push the paint into cloud shapes ).

Onto the distant shore darkening the paint as I work towards the line where land meets water.

Final job was the water which took several glazing layers to build up.  Finished off with a few pale pink lines.

Last job - a floating frame.