Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WiP Red Sunset

I love the sky in this photo I took of a dramatic sky over Wild Boar Fell.

As the sunset photo doesn't show the lie of the land I referred to this shot
taken from almost the same spot for some ideas of the land composition

And came up with this drawing on pastel paper

Working top to bottom, applied pastel to the sky and started to blend.

Blended all the sky then extra pastel layers added with reds and yellow
to create more harmony / graduation and less stripes. 
Next added features to the ground with darker shades of the sky colours strenghtening towards the foreground.

Several layers of pastel were added to the foreground with some changes of shape and design along the way. 
Decision to be made of adding  the trees on the horizon and does the sky need some darker purple at the top?

Very tentatively started to add some dark purples at the top left. 
Needed to be careful - 1. not to overdo it 2. not to end up with mud ( there was allot of pastel on this piece ).

After adding the purple to the sky I decided that the ground needed balancing
so added some purple to the front of the picture, bottom right. 
Strengthened some of the darks and added some more highlights.

Mounted and Framed ( with a change of name to Red Fell ).