Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WiP Stones

1 month into 2019 and I have the urge to paint some stones.  I've a few shows booked and haven't many stones at home.

Stones have been cleaned and coated with clear gesso in readiness for paint.

Drawn round the stones on paper and created some designs.  3 more CATching stones and a new topic of Bee Stones.

Backgrounds painted on the stones.  Designs transferred.

Paint application.  Permanent Rose, Winsor Blue and white for the flowers - painted the the first layer of the petals.  Cadmium Yellow, Mars Black, Winsor Blue and white for the bees.  Then refined the flowers and put in the markers for the petals.  Painted into the flower edges with green to gave more shape and interest.

Final paint of the bees.  Details added with very fine brush.  Onto the Catching batch next.

Onto the cats.  Painted in the back cats and the lamp along with the moons to find that the background was too dark as the black bits weren't defined enough. Lightened the sky areas.  Had an happy accident with the moon when I caught one of them with a damp cloth and some of the paint lifted giving a mottled effect.  Other moons were treated the same.  Started on the detail for the lamp one. 

Completed all the details and we have CATching stones 23, 24 & 25 for sale.