Margaret Shaw - Artwork - WiP Stone Art

After completing my painting of the 3 hares, I thought this may be an idea for some more of my stone art. 
So 2 hare designs underway and a couple more cats. 
Going for a change on the colours by introducing some purple into the palette.

Images drawn onto stones prepared with clear gesso.

2 layers of paint and we're ready for the details. 
Refining the hares and adding some grass. 
Shaping the cats and finishing off the tree and the lamps.

There's a new surface I'm, going to have at stone painting on try - slate.
As there was a christening coming up - a christening stone seemed to be in order.

Finished first batch of 2018stones.

2nd batch of 2018 stones in design stage

And painting started.

Finished with a colour change to the hares -and on stands ready for sale

Batch 3 designs

Painted and ready for sale - the hare had a significant change.