Margaret Shaw - Artwork - Wip Sunflower

This lovely sunflower was hanging over the fence from my neighbours garden looking stunning once the sunlight caught it.
I started it with pastel and as you can see things didn't go well
Re start on canvas.
Blocking in an underpainting with acrylic - very bright.
Underpainting finished and started work on background.
Filled in the centre with purple and started to work round the petals with the top layer of paint.
More paint added to the petals and decided to change the leaves after studying some sunflower leaves on the internet.
More work on the leaves slightly changing the colour and adding the veins. 
Darkened the bottom of the painting. 
Trying to get some highlights on the petals but keep ending up with lemon
- will need to play with the white and yellow ochre.
Again the sunflower has been languishing in the work in progress pile whilst I've been pondering. 
Inspiration has struck from 2 areas - a friend was asking me about painting with a knife
and a previous buyer was looking at my display and was rather hoping I'd have something textured. 
"Ding" - texture on the sunflower with a knife. 
Now as I'm a bit unwieldy with a knife this is probably going to take some time
but as the original work was started late March ( now August ) a few more months seem less important. 
Starting with the underneath petal for a play/practice and next decision do I texture the leaves?
Decision on texturing leaves made.  Lessons learnt:
Working with a knife needs lots of paint.
Wipe knife frequently so as not to get the wrong colours where you don't want them. 
Wear apron ( you know how messy you are with acrylics).
Be ready to paint nails as acrylic having dried under nails is hard to remove.
This texturing is taking quite some time as the petals are being worked one by one
and I hit the stages where there are no dry petals to work between. 
I discovered that working next to a wet petal results in destruction of the wet petal. 
There are now three petals left (two together so some drying will be required between them)
The veins have been put in the leaves using the knife on its edge.
Have completed the texture of all the petals and added some highlights by painting into the texture. 
Next - to create the central shadows using the same technique with a shadow colour ( that needs to be worked out ).  Then the centre will be added ( again that also needs to be wprked out ).