Margaret Shaw - Buy Fauna Prints

Each print is from a limited print of various sizes indicated on purchase description.  I produce the prints in my studio to guarantee the quality and the limited numbers. They are numbered, signed, printed on heavyweightpaper with manufacturers inks and have mounts, backing boards and cellophane covers included.

They cost:
£30 for 20 x 16 mount size                                                           
£25 for 16 x 12 mount size
£15 for 12 x 10 mount Size                                                          
£15 for A4 mount size. 

You can see a larger version of the artwork by viewing the Fauna Artwork page and selecting the artwork you are interested in.

To buy a print please complete the purchase form at the bottom of the page. Once I receive your form, I will invoice you for payment using pay pal.  When payment is received, I will produce and post out the print.

Three Hares One Moon
Limited Print of 10
Mount Sizes 12x10 &16x12

Just One
Limited Print of 10
Mount Size 12x10

Are Ewe Playing
Limited Print of 10
Mount Sizes A4

Five Swaledales
Limited print of 10
Mount Sizes 16 x 12 &  A4

Lambs Playtime
Limited Print of 10
Mount Size A4

Fauna Artwork Print Purchase Form

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