I seem to have quite a few artworks on the go right now:
Red admiral is on his 3rd attempt and I feel like I'm getting there.

From Strandshag bay seems to have come to a halt with the picture marked out on the canvas

My sunflower just needs the finishing touches but as an acrylic, like Strandshag Bay, it also has come to a stop.  Maybe I'm not in an acrylic mood.

I have been progressing with my CATS

CATching the Harbour light has the sky wash in place which was worked at the same time as CATching the Shorelines sky.

Then I continued to work on the washes for this
I've also got the CATching Stones ready for paint.  But they're going to be acrylic and I really need to get the sunflower finished.

And finally Harbours Dusk is simply at the drawing stage and I'm undecided on the media to use.