At the moment pastels are on my mind.  I'm preparing for 2 sessions at the Penrith Arts Festival
1. A workshop where I'll be guiding people through the production of a sunset similar to my "fire in the sky"

2. A drop in session where I've decided to show my approach to a monochromatic work in pastel based on 2 artworks done in other medias:
Storm clouds over Ullswater ( done a few years ago ) in water-soluble pastel

and more recently Highland Lights 1 in acrylic

Will be interesting to see how these turn out in pastel - especially as part of the drop in session offering is to get people to have a go.

My recent lilies attempt didn't work out and on reflection I decided that I prefer to do single flowers.  So have set myself the challenge of a red rose and an iris I photographed a few weeks ago.  I'm quite pleased with the way the rose is developing incorporating a bright orange, white and purple to give me the different tones.

The Iris is at the drawing stage.