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Margaret Shaw Artwork

EVAN Art Trail

All set up for the EVAN Art Trail - info and brochure:


Swans Sail to a new home

My Sizergh swans left the EVAN gallery in Penrith this week.  The buyer loved the painting but hated the frame.  So I have to say thanks to Sarah Reid for help in providing and doing a quick re-frame.  Maybe I should think of having a notice - frames can be changed.


Stunning Sunset

Last nights sunset was a stunner here in Cumbria.


Flower Power

After printing some recent flower photos (and feeling quite pleased with the way these look), I encountered a few spring flowers on my wanderings.  The local poppies are stunning (as always) but the blooms soon fade.  I’ve no idea what the bush with the ring of white flowers is but I liked the pattern this made. Lastly spent some time inhaling the fragrance of the pale yellow shrub which was covered in bees.


Parrot Pictures in TV Program

I case anyone is wondering why TV cameras were inside and outside T’aint Modern on Tuesday – my parrot photos/paintings and I were being interviewed for a TV program about the Kirkby Stephen Parrots.  Watch this space.


Spring Flowers and Pastel Evenings

The beauties of the Highlands.


Moody Blues 1

After sitting on the is it done easel for awhile, a few tweaks yesterday finished the painting:
Here it is in progress:


Highland Fling Ended

Our Highland fling has come to an end.  We met some interesting locals both on the shoreline and inland ( all photos were taken from a distance with a zoom so as not to disturb the creatures )

Our last day was spent exploring the rocky shoreline around Cullen before heading back to Sandend and a last lingering look at the beach with a couple more sketches.

We’ll be back.


Beach Time

I’m quite enamoured by the beautiful beach at Sandend.  Spending quite some time on it or looking at it.


Change of Location

Left the Isle of Skye yesterday and arrived at a cool and drizzly Moray Firth.  After unpacking ( and whilst someone watched the football ) I finished off my watercolour holiday sketches from the island.  Woke up this morning to a much brighter view - next painting maybe