Margaret Shaw - Photography - Flowers & Fungi

These flowers and fungi have been photographed during the Covid Crisis between April 2020 and March2021.  Each growing within 5 miles of my home On my lockdown and isolation walks I've enjoyed watching the hedgerows, river bank, verges and gardens grow.  Practicing my macro photography skills and identifying the wild flowers and the fungi.  During the Spring  and Summer I found myself looking for new leaves emerging. Once spotted I went back several days later to see what flowers have opened.  During the Autumn and Winter I found fungi in bloom.  I've enjoyed identifying the different species.  Click on any thumbnail to view the slide show, then click right or left to move through the photos. 
If you'd like to watch selections of these pictures as videos follow this link.
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I like flowers and usually have a fresh bunch or two in my home.  I find they decorate the world.  I often visit formal and stately home gardens to enjoy the colours and the scents and like to view peoples gardens as I pass by.  When I see an exquisite bloom I capture it with the camera close up.  I'm even more delighted if the bloom is attracting bees and butterflies and am quite surprised that I've managed to escape being stung by a busy bee just wanting to get on with the pollen collecting.  Please click on any of the thumbnails to view the slide show (then click at the right or left of the photo to move through the pictures).  If you're interested in buying limited prints of these photos or a license to use my photos, please visit the buy flower photos page