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Margaret Shaw Artwork

Pre Lockdown Shop Down

Two days before lockdown I needed to shop
Feeling fraught and frustrated it was somewhat a flop.
I entered the store with mask firmly in place
Glasses were steaming as I covered my face.

Lockdown baking whiles away the hours
Explaining the shortage of several flours.
Mincemeat was low and I wondered why?
Combined with the flour that makes a nice pie.

Long life milk had been a good sell.
Good job that fresh milk freezes so well.
Borlotti beans gone, I do not know why?
Is it possible to make a borlotti bean pie?

Getting Soda was becoming a feat.
White wine was going down too quickly neat.
Tonic water – they had plenty in.
Abandoning wine, I decided on gin.

The last of the gin was out for the elves
Being right at the back on the bottom shelves
To reach the gin I lay on the floor
And so I decided to head for the door

Glasses steamed up fully, through the checkout I went
Where my credit card took its usual dent.
Fraught and frustrated I wanted to shout
I took my mask off - it had been inside out!!

© Margaret Shaw
Nov 2020

February 13th 2021