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Few from Derwent

October 20, 2017
Had a trip to Derwent area earlier this week.  Set off at Castlerigg stone circle which was a little crowded with a coach tour and a party of schoolchildren - detracts from the atmosphere of the circle.  So I turned the camera outwards and took a shot across the fields, over Keswick and onto the mountains beyond.

Next we went down the lake to park at the Great Woods and wandered down to the shoreline and along to Friars Crag.

On the way back got an atmospheric shot of one of the Derwent Launches



October 18, 2017
Apologies for the glitches in the latest posts but I'm having issues with the blog entries and the pictures.  Hopefully normal business will resume asap.
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Sahara Sun

October 17, 2017
 had a strange sky yesterday caused by dust from the Sahara ( or so I read ).  Leaning out of the bedroom window I took a couple of shots that I've played with this  morning with the editing software.  Quite abstract

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CATching the Shore Lights Complete

October 13, 2017
The next in the CATching series - CATching the Shore Lights has had its final painting session and is now completed and for sale.

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Portknockie Sunsets

October 11, 2017
We experienced some fabulos sunsets whilst on the Moray Firth a few weeks ago.  Here's a few.  You can see the rest in the Sunset photo Gallery.

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My Favourite Fell

October 7, 2017
After a busy afternoon in T'aint Modern - a couple of shots of my favourite fell ( Wild Boar ) as the sun started to drop.

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CATs, Harbours and Flowers - all in progress

October 6, 2017
I seem to have quite a few artworks on the go right now:
Red admiral is on his 3rd attempt and I feel like I'm getting there.

From Strandshag bay seems to have come to a halt with the picture marked out on the canvas

My sunflower just needs the finishing touches but as an acrylic, like Strandshag Bay, it also has come to a stop.  Maybe I'm not in an acrylic mood.

I have been progressing with my CATS

CATching the Harbour light has the sky wash in place which was worked at the same time as CATching ...
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Shap Visit

October 4, 2017
I put the paintbrush down yesterday and picked up the camera for a visit Shap to have a look at the Wildlife exhibition in the Old Court House ( where I've a couple of paintings on display ) and take a walk to Shap Abbey.  The weather wasn't great for photos as it was quite cloudy and dull.  I do however quite like these 2 and will have a go at some editing to see if I can make some improvements.

Shap Abbey

Shap landscape with a slight break in the clouds.
Had a bit of a sore foot before walking...
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CATching the Lamp Lights Complete

October 3, 2017
I've completed CATching the Lamp Lights.  Enjoyed the creative process of taking an uninspiring photo and making it into a quirky artwork.

Framed and For Sale

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At the drawing stage

September 27, 2017
3 new artworks at the design / drawing stage.
CATching the Shoreline

CATching the Harbour Light

Harbour Dusk

Need to get the current ones in the painting stage finished and then transfer these to the art paper.

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