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South Rhins

March 15, 2018
Have just returned from a few days staying on the South Rhins Scotland.  The weather was varied but I got some lovely photos.  On the less fine days ( ie. when it rained hard all day ) I spent some time doing charcoal and coloured pencil drawings from some of the photos.

This piece of tree was on Sandhead Beach

And we had a good day at Portpatrick


Monochromatic Snow Scenes

March 4, 2018
After several days indoors because of heavy snowfall, I ventured out yesterday with the camera to find an almost monochromatic world
I didn't go far from home and weak sunlight hit the top of the fells I as headed towards Nateby

Then into Stenkrith Park and down to the river Eden where ice was starting to form amongst the rocks

The narrow gauge where the Eden heads into Stenkrith looked like a winter wonderland

And as I left the riverbank into the fields the bare trees looked quite dramatic again...
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Three Hares One Moon

February 26, 2018
Three Hares One Moon is complete.  Enjoyed creating this - may be the start of a new stylised hare series

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Storr, Sunset and Hares

February 22, 2018
After getting my photo edits complete, its time to turn my attention back to paintings.  Three have made some progress whilst others languish in the to do pile.  Here's the 3:
Storr has had a couple of restarts and now has a sky in place ready for the dramatic landscape:

Red Sunset has its sky in place also and have made a start on the groundwork.

And I'm experimenting with some stylised hares:

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February 19, 2018
I've made an effort over the weekend to view and edit the shots I've been taking around my home area of the Eden Valley recently.  There are  now new pictures in the galleries of:


Kirkby Stephen



and a new gallery for Mayburgh Henge

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More Ullswater

February 16, 2018
Have had a couple of lovely days up at Ullswater for hubbys birthday.  Dinner Bed and Breakfast by the lake side with some bracing walks along the shoreline.  Took along my bridge camera and wasn't disappointed by the changing weather conditions.

From Aira past Glencoyne day 1

and Patterdale day 2

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More CATs

February 14, 2018
Have been working on the CATching comets quartet for the 20x20cm  March exhibition in the Taint Modern Gallery and some more CATching stones to fill the spaces in the EVAN gallery at Penrith.  

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Snow on the tops

February 9, 2018
Enjoyed seeing the snow on the top of the fells and pennines on todays meander around Kirkby Stephen:

Liked the contrast of the snow against the sunlit fells from the viaduct walk.

Darks and lights on the top of the Pennines from the Viaduct 

Sunlit walls and barn with long shadows and the snowy Pennines in the background as we left Hartley heading back to Kirkby Stephen.
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Small Artworks

February 3, 2018
I finished my 3 small beadnell beach pictures and won't be framing these as they're too small to achieve what I wanted to with them.  So they will used as reference / studies for larger pictures as I still like the concept. More consistency of colour needs to be achieved with larger pieces.

I have also got 4 new small artworks underway for a 20x20cm / 8x8 inch exhibition starting at the end of February.  My CATching series continues with CATching the Comets - here's where they're at.

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Church Broughs Winter Sunshine

January 29, 2018
I had to take some paperwork to Church Brough today.  As I'd been told that the snowdrops were out I took along my camera.  Not only did I capture the snowdrops growing in profusion:

Brough castle was looking imposing with the sunlight and shadows:

Then looking from the castle over Brough was quite a site as the sun lit up the Pennines:

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