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Autumn Approaching

When I eventually got up off my hands and knees on the weekends fungi hunt, I looked up and found Autumn Approaching.

October 18th 2021

First Fungi Hunt 2021 revealed some not encountered before.

October 17th 2021

Fungi Season is Underway

A local walk has confirmed that Fungi season is underway.  These didn’t even have to be searched for.

Wonder what I’ll find when I really start to look?

October 14th 2021

Glorious Greens, Riotous Reds and a few Fungi

We were treated to some glorious greens over the rooftops of Hawkshead today as we admired the landscape beyond the village from the church.  

Leaving the church we headed along the footpaths around the village and came across a riotous red Japanese Maple in a garden.

On the way back into the village a spot of fungi hunting happened.  The one growing by the fence post and through the wire didn’t really need to be hunted as it was about 9 inches / 23 cm tall.

October 13th 2021

Today at Talkin Tarn

Today I visited Talkin Tarn to meet a friend (not seen for some time – Covid and distance apart). We enjoyed a stroll around the tarn.  Blue skies and sunshine with the leaves starting to turn to their autumn colours. 

Next we ventured up into the woodland where the sunshine created dappled light through the leaves.

It was clear that Autumn is upon us. As I introduced my friend to Fungi Hunting we encountered several species, some large some tiny ( all to be identified when I have some time)

After lunch by the tarn we said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways for our homes.  See you in 2022 my friend.

October 8th 2021

Bright Butterflies

I made a start on the edit of my recent Scottish trip photos.  I had a profuse number of shots of the butterflies encountered in the cottage garden at Balintore and have whittled these down to the best shots.  The others have joined my artwork work in progress files for an idea I have brewing in my head of a canvas covered in butterflies.

Here’s some of the best.

October 5th 2021

Cats, Mushrooms and Droving – in progress

Due to popular demand I’m painting a couple more CATching Stones.  Stones gessoed, drawn round and designs on tracing paper ready for transfer to the stones.  At the moment I think I’ve been a bit heavy handed with the Gesso as one stone isn’t drying very well and appears to have a stain.   My plan is to use the natural stone as part of the design – however unless the stain dries out maybe not?


My Mushroom Trio has 2 completed and the third one is ready for transfer to the pastel paper.  There was a black incident with the second one which I think I’ve eradicated nicely ( note for future reference – don’t get carried away with the black too soon ).


Also underway is an idea I have for a topic of droving ( exhibition to go into 4A at the EVAN Gallery Penrith ) I’m thinking about what the drovers may have seen and drawn on their route from  Kirkby Stephen, through Mallerstang, by Pendraggon Castle and over Hell Gill.


They say variety is the spice of life.

October 4th 2021

Pictish Seasonal Spiral Series Complete

I finished the Summer Spirals after a few changes along the way. 

You can see the work in progress from here.

Added to my abstract gallery with Spring, Autumn and Winter.

October 3rd 2021

Fabulous Fraserburgh

Our time near Fraserburgh has come to an end.  We’ve spent most days on the beaches as the weather has been excellent.

Fraserburgh beach accessed by the waters of Philoth.

And a short trip along the coast to St Combs beach.

I’ve also had the sketch book out over the 2 weeks.  Sketches from the Balintore stay:

And sketches from our Inverallochy stay

Our final day has been spent in Fraserburgh where we still had the blue skies but a change of attire was required due to a cool sea breeze.

Just a few photos to review and edit (516) when I get home.

September 23rd 2021

Moving on

We’ve moved across and along the Moray Firth. So far that I don’t think we’re on the Moray Firth anymore but on the shore of the North Sea near Fraserburgh.  Another beautiful but clearly treacherous coastline as the wreck just off the shore of Inverallochy shows.

The rocks are interspersed with sand and the beaches almost empty.  Apart from some children determined to make a sandcastle and a photographer.

September 19th 2021

Wonderful Highland Weather

We are having some fabulous days in the Highlands.  Yesterday Dornoch beach where we viewed Portmahomack across the water.


Followed by an evening wander around the harbour at Ballintore.


Previoulsy we had visited Portmahomack where we met Rosie on the beach.  She was very friendly and particularly liked drying herself on my cream jeans.


You can see I’m enjoying my panoramas.   

September 16th 2021


Back in the Highlands for a few days.  Balintore Coast.

The Mermaid of the North

And a very dosy bee

#Moray #Highlands

September 12th 2021


Yesterday I attended a felting workshop with the art group.  I had no idea what to expect but it always good to have a go at learning something new.

We started with making a piece where we had to make our own base layer as well as creating a pattern.  Anyone experienced with felting will know this took quite some physical effort to get all the layers to bind together.  For the design went into rockpool imaginary mode with blues and oranges and came up with this.

I do like this one and am wondering if some embellishment of shells could work.

Next we were asked to do a landscape scene but this time onto a piece of ready made felt.  Not quite as much of a physical effort as we only needed to get the top layers to bind together.  I imagined the fells and the dramatic skies we have near home.  A piece of multi coloured green wool did allot of the foreground work for me.

This is my favourite from the day.  I just need to persuade the flowers in the foreground to stay in place - a few stiches or a little fabric glue should sort that out.

Next we created a loose piece that was supposed to resemble tree bark.  The idea being to cut this up for piece no 4 - trees.  I got carried away with some glittery brown wool and greens and purple and ended up with a quite dark piece of fabric.  Here’s what’s left after I chopped my bits off for piece 4.

I do think that is a quite lovely abstract.

The final piece is supposed to be woodland.  There was a bit of an incident on this as I got my net rub and my piece of bubble wrap the wrong way round so ended up pulling some fibres where they shouldn’t go ( you’d think by the 4th attempt I’d be getting things right! ).

Anyway this is what came out.

Rather than a woodland - maybe the gate to hell?  I don’t think the tutor Caren Threfall ( who was excellent ) need to have any concerns that I may be going into competition with her.  However an enjoyable day and another experience.

September 8th 2021

Cats & Christmas Cats

My CATching stones seem to be popular right now.  Whilst designing/painting 3 new ones I decided to re-visit 3 older ones and have tweaked them.  Much happier with these – a new coat of varnish and they’re ready to go.

Then I finished the new ones – varnish also required (hubbys been busy making stone stands)

Whilst the stones were drying, between coats, I had some printing to do to produce some CAT prints as they have also been popular.

And as we entered September (with the last Prom Art of the season at the end of the month) I started to think about Christmas, so printed and embellished the next CATching the Christmas tree prints.  

September 6th 2021

Things on the go.

I seem to have a few things on the go right now.  

Three stones gessoed ready for some Cat designs ( as a few sales have occured ).   My summer spirals has the colours in place.  The second coat will sort out the tonality before the outlining starts.  I’ve printed a couple of copies of my CATching the Christmas tree - so they’re waiting to be embelished.

I have got the mounts for my foray into panorama shots so have sized the images and added them to the web site - just waiting for the cellos to arrive to protect the images once printed and mounted.

Edited some photos taken in Swaledale last week - one to place re-visit with the camera

Lastly the first of my field mushrooms trio is complete.

September 1st 2021

On their way to homes

Happy to report that 2 artworks and a print have left the EVAN Gallery this week.  I hope the buyer enjoys their artworks.

Today I’m manning the gallery and have brought in some replacements.  I’ve found that we have have some new display stands full of lovely items.  

Well worth a look.  Here until 4pm.

August 27th 2021