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Featured on Prom Art

Found myself featured on Prom Art.  First event 30th May.

May 11th 2021

Northumberland Coast

Having had a wonderful ( if a little chilly ) week on the Northumberland Coastline I now have quite a few photos to edit.  Here’s some from our last day spent in Beadnell.  I like the coastline around the village. On the North side rocks pointing towards Seahouses and Bamburgh and on the South East Side a wide sandy beach and bay.  Nesting terns were protected by a roped off area where a beck flows into the sea.  In the sunlight the sea foam glowed looking like jewels on the sand.  I was delighted to see a bird of prey hovering over the sand dunes and swooping down into the grasses.

Besides my camera I had my sketch book with me.  I’d taken a small box of pastel pencils, so the top left picture of Bamburgh Castle whilst restricted to the colours of the box is quite smooth on the paper.  Lindisfarne ( left middle and top right ), Dunstanburgh (bottom right) and Cheswick Beach (bottom left) are all worked with watersoluble pastels.  My sketch book paper is not really suitable for water based paints hence the crinkly paper.  Irrespective nice memories and maybe one day some of these sketches will be transferred to the easel, with appropriate paper or canvas and worked as final paintings.

May 8th 2021

Blustery Bamburgh

When the rain stopped the wind got going.  It was a very blustery Bamburgh yesterday.  Good job my camera has a vibration reduction device.  Sunshine, blue skies and crashing waves show this stunning coastline at its best.

May 5th 2021

Northumberland Coast

Bees Buzzing outside the cottage,  The most stunning bluebells are profuse at Beadnell.  Wonderful castles viewed from the beaches.  Way too much choice for a pebble gatherer.  All whilst rain and storm dodging.

May 3rd 2021

Fields of Sunshine

Acrylics on watercolour paper from a photo I took on a sunny day at the beginning of the month.  In the Landscape Gallery.  Work in Progress from here.

April 29th 2021

Stainmore, Stenkrith and Spring Blooms

Last week I visited Mouse Gill Beck up on Stainmore.  Crossed the old Pack Horse Bridge and found inkcaps tucked away on the steep sides of the Beck.  Exploring along the waters edge found my first ever fossil.  Not very large, but definitely a fossiled something.

A couple of days later in Kirkby Stephen.  The trees on the path into Stenkrith were laden with blossom.  Onto the river rocks (again) – it was possible to get right into the middle of the river.  Followed the footpaths into Kirkby Stephen and further along the river back into it – balancing on flat rocks where I was joined by a couple of youngsters.

Throughout enjoying the spring blooms.  Bluebells, Japanese Roses, Candytufts and Damson Blossom

April 26th 2021

Spring Pictish Spirals

Number 3 in the Pictish Seasonal Spirals - Spring.  Added to my Abstract gallery to sit with Autumn and Winter Pictish Spirals.  There were several changes of colours along the way on this one which you can see from the work in progress.  The colours in this image are as near as I can get them with the camera and photoshop.

April 25th 2021

April Challenges

In April the art group challenges were to do a spring flower in less than an hour and paint a picture with my non dominant hand.

Spring flowers – had to be daffs.  One of my favourite flowers.  I went for the Bravoure variety.  Pale petals and a dark trumpet.  I’m not exactly renowned for speed when it comes to painting.  Rising to the challenge, I decided to go for it and did this in 55 minutes.  Outline drawn with pastel pencil on black pastel paper and filled in with pastels.  

After the submission I did a little refining on the picture.  Mainly adding more pastel to the flower to make it less transparent.  You can see the finished artwork in my flora gallery.

Non Dominant hand.  I am quite surprised at how this has turned out. Pastels and pastel pencils on A4 paper. The sky and the hills which are pastel laid down and blended with fingers weren’t too difficult.  In fact when working normally with pastels I do use my left hand for blending.  I found the detailed stuff in the foreground difficult left-handed.  Laying down small pastel marks and using blenders my hand started to ache.  Then doing straight outlines with dark pencils took lots of concentration.  The gate’s a bit wonky but hey ho – it was done with my left hand.  I think I may have another go at this – larger and I’m currently debating pastel or acrylic.

April 24th 2021

Walking today

Stunning day today as I tried out my new walking boots.  I wasn’t the only one enjoying the sloe blossom.  The river and footpaths were delightful to walk along.  And one does have to stop for the occasional lamb chat.

April 19th 2021

First shift in EVAN gallery after lockdown.  Refreshed exhibition and Spring Open.  Made a short video between customers.

April 16th 2021

Messing about by the River

A wonderful weekend for messing about by the river in Kirkby Stephen. Ventured onto the Eden river rocks in Stenkrith Park.   Saw my first butterfly of the season who was also investigating the wild pink primroses.  Finally couple of ducks who seemed to be thinking about nesting on a wall at the side of Franks Bridge.

April 11th 2021

New print equipment

Whilst wondering where best to put my prints to dry - I spotted the banister rail.  Why I haven’t thought about this before I do not know.

April 10th 2021

Opal Wave

Latest off the easel Opal Wave.  I’d used the photo to make a birthday card and decided it was time to have a go at painting it.  Added to the Landscape Gallery.  Work in Progress from here.

April 8th 2021

Blue Skies, Blooms, Bridges and Babies

Easter has been fine (if a little cool) in Kirkby Stephen.  Blue skies with large fluffy white clouds casting light and shadows on the landscape.  The wild primroses are abundant and there are many spring flowers coming into bloom (although the breeze does make photographing these a little difficult at times).  The bridges over the viaduct formed natural dark frames onto the sunlit footpath.  And then we’re into the lambing season where the antics of the lambs keep me amused – climbing, staring at hubby and running back to the safety of mum.

April 6th 2021

Challenges from the Art Group.

During these last few months of lock down I’ve been editing a newsletter for my Art Group.  Members of the group have set challenges.

In January we were asked to draw the view from a window.  Well it was quite snowy and cold so it wasn’t a problem to settle down in the work room window.

February was a figure drawing.  It was supposed to be partner watching TV in the evening.  Someone doesn’t like having their photo taken let along be drawn.  So when my friend told me that she’d got the kids sledge out and shot down the hill chased by her very excited dog……………… I got an image in my head.

March was a self portrait.  I titled mine bed head lockdown hair inspired by look of amusement on the postman face on opening the door first thing in the morning.  It appears that I also look like a twenty year old pixie in the mornings as well.  Think I’ll be giving portrait artist of year a miss.  

Aprils challenges are a spring flower to be done in less than an hour and a painting with your non dominant hand – Watch this space

April 4th 2021

Flora and Fungi - 1 year

Seeing my first sloe blossom today, brought home the fact that its 12 months since I decided to do a macro photography project of flowers to occupy me during lockdown.   I’ve captured many beautiful blooms over the last year and will pull together the last of my project with the addition of these to the collection.

April 1st 2021