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Blustery but beautiful

September 12, 2018
On the Moray firth ( again ) for a few days.  Blustery but still beautiful.

Due to a very slow internet connection I'll be resisting from blogging for the rest of my stay.  Speak in a few days.

Ullswater Glow

September 5, 2018
This was painted as a demo piece at the Penrith Arts Festival.  As I'm not keen on being watched as I work I found myself explaining to people about pastels and inviting them to have a go ( only 1 lady accepted -people didn't want to be watched either ).  A few people did pop back as the day went on to see how the work progressed.  I forgot to take photos - so no work in progress page for this one.

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Rose and Butterfly

August 29, 2018
I seem to be on a role with completing paintings and have finished the red rose and a third butterfly stone.

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Butterfly Stones 1 & 2

August 27, 2018
Having a day spare because Prom Art was cancelled ( too wet and windy ) I got to work on the latest batch of stones and completed butterflies 1 & 2.  Now for sale.

Butterfly 3 didn't work out so is in the waiting to be painted queue.

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River Walk in Pictures

August 25, 2018
After a busy day in the gallery I decided to do a river walk ( the river in question being the eden ).  It was fine and sunny and I decided to don my wellingtons with the intention of going in the water.
I set off in Stenkrith Park where the sunlight danced through the dappled trees.

Then onto the river rocks to watch the water winding through the gaps.

And even peer down a hole to see the river flowing under my feet.

Up from the river and across the fields to view the distant mountains through t...
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Rose and Butterflies

August 24, 2018
My pastel rose is making nice progress as I've finished the petals blocked in the background and started to blend.

I've decided on another theme for my small stone artworks of butterflies.  

Pebbles gessoed and butterflies drawn - based on my butterfly close up photos.

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Highland Light 2

August 22, 2018
Highland Light 2 is finished and ready for framing:

For sale £75 when framing completed.

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Pastel Priorities

August 20, 2018
At the moment pastels are on my mind.  I'm preparing for 2 sessions at the Penrith Arts Festival
1. A workshop where I'll be guiding people through the production of a sunset similar to my "fire in the sky"

2. A drop in session where I've decided to show my approach to a monochromatic work in pastel based on 2 artworks done in other medias:
Storm clouds over Ullswater ( done a few years ago ) in water-soluble pastel

and more recently Highland Lights 1 in acrylic

Will be interesting to see how th...
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Parrot Photos - Proving Popular

August 14, 2018
The photos I took of the Kirkby Stephen parrots seem to be popular so I've edited the last 2 and produced some new prints and cards - heading to the Taint Modern gallery later.

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SAA Poppy Challenge - A poppy for Jim (my dad)

August 9, 2018
I've painted a poppy for the SAA Poppy Challenge using Inktense bars.  Called "A Poppy for Jim (my dad)".  
He fought in the 2nd world war and his most harrowing task was the liberation of  a concentration camp.  He told me the horrors of that just a few weeks before he died.  
With loving memories from your daughter.

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