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Margaret Shaw Artwork

New Camera Lens

Went into Mallerstang yesterday to try out my latest camera lens ( birthday present from hubby ).


Pendragon Castle as a single shot


Then as 2 shots merged together


I was just in the right place at the right time as a steam engine came along the Settle Carlisle line.


Then here is the fell as a two shot merge


Followed by a three shot merge.  Given some slightly better photo conditions or a different time of day I’m looking forward to playing some more.

July 28th 2021

Workshop Outputs

After a very hot day for yesterdays workshop - where we did theory inside and then went outside to practice - here’s what the children did.
Landscapes, Close Ups, Action Shots and Framing.

Threes, Light & Shadow, Low Horizon and High Horizon

Complimentary Colours and Reflections

And when the children discovered cartoons on their cameras Sharon & I came in for some teasing.  Well I did tell them it was really important to learn how to use their cameras fully.

July 21st 2021

4 more CATching Stones

I had 2 stones left to complete yesterday.  As usual with acrylic paints I put out far too much paint so thought I’d add another 2 to the collection.  Completed today 4 more CATching Stones using the natural stone as the background ( all varnished as well ).

July 18th 2021

Rock Painting

Spent the day painting rocks.  This morning took a wander with my friend into Stenkrith Park.  Stepped into the middle of the river, removed shoes, rolled u[p trousers rolled up trousers and dangled our legs in the running water.  On this very hot day it was lovely.  Then when we were nicely cooled we got out our sketch books, pens and watercolours and painted the scene up river from where we were sitting.

This afternoon I finished 4 of my stone cat artworks.  Well they’re painted and are now awaiting varnish.

July 17th 2021

New Stones underway

I had a look through the stones I have already painted and realised that my Black Cat Catching stones were a little depleted ( but many thanks to those who have been purchasing ).  6 new designs underway.

July 16th 2021

Magnificent Mushroom

On todays outing I spotted the biggest mushroom I have encountered.  Height about 12cm and circumference of the cap about 15cm

July 15th 2021

Photography workshops booking.


Here’s the information and details of how to book on the upcoming childrens workshops in Kirkby Stephen.
Tuesday Morning 20th July 6 - 11 year olds


Tuesday afternoon 20th July 12 - 16 year olds

And if you’d like to see what else is available here’s the link

July 14th 2021

Photo Workshop

In case anyone is wondering why I’ve been quiet, I’ve been prepping my childrens photographic workshop.  Pretty much there now - just some name labels to make.

July 13th 2021

Photographic workshops for children

Working with at the Helm, I’ll be running 2 photographic workshops for children in Kirkby Stephen.  One for Primary School age and the second for Secondary School age.  Booking details to follow soon.

July 6th 2021

Wild Orchids

My friend informed me that the Wild Orchids at Brough Sowerby were stunning. We went for a look.  Singles and pairs of different hues were dotted along the lane.  

Then we came to some clusters

And when we reached the crossroads – wow – all along the hedgerow.

I am however sad to report that it looked like some one had decided to dig some of these beauties up.  Please leave them for all to enjoy and go buy your garden flowers from the shops.  Wild flowers are meant to be left in the wild.

July 2nd 2021

Through the Locking Glass Visit

Went to the Rheged today to visit the exhibition.  


Well worth a view and I can see me taking friends and family over the summer months.  


Some things made me smile - for example the person who painted the view from several windows in the home ( done that but only the view from my workroom - well there wasn’t much else to do on a freezing day in lockdown 3).  


Others raised a tear and a lump in the throat - missing loved ones and those who didn’t make it through ( tears and lump in the throat as I write this ).  

Here’s a few more pics but you really do need to visit to appreciate the pieces and read the stories.  


Finally as you leave make your own mark or tell your own story.

June 30th 2021

Through the Locking Glass

The exhibition opened at the Rheged Penrith on Saturday.  As I’ve been away I haven’t had chance to visit but am reading positive reviews and articles about it.  I will be going some time this week.  In  the meantime here’s a picture that appeared in the C&W herald in their  article about the exhibition.  On  the left in the background there’s my fungi on show.

June 29th 2021

Three Creeks Shore - Portknockie

The last day on the Moray was rather wet, windy and grey with minute bursts of sunshine in the morning.  I dashed out during a non raining moment to take three photos of the view from the cottage with the intention of another panorama production.  It became clear that the day wasn’t going to improve.  Finding a half decent piece of paper lurking loosely in the back my sketch book I decided on a watercolour that I was able to leave to dry in between packing.  Home now with happy memories and lots of photos to sort.

June 27th 2021

Moray Sketches

As well as the camera the holiday sketch book has been out on this trip.  Starting with the greens and the greys of the Clava Cairns.

Onto the Black Isle and the headland from Rosemarkie Beach

Next Nairns harbour leading into the sea from the river

Findochty had some stunning poppies in bloom

Cullen harbour from the beach - go round the headland past the harbour and onto a footpath where the shoreline is stones and rocks.  That sketch will have to wait for the next visit.

Portsoy beach sits in a sheltered cove ( one to compliment the panorama photos I’ve been playing with ). 

Looking across the Blue Firth from Port Gordon - well it was blue that day.  Now heading home with grey skies.  We’ll be back in 2022 with a new sketch book as this visit has filled my current one

June 25th 2021


With wide landscapes here on the Moray I decided that I’d have a go at creating panoramas by linking 3 consecutive photos in photoshop.  The sunbeam sunset needs a little more work in the sky as I can see a lighter area in the middle of the sky

The beach at Portsoy with a clear blue sky worked out quite well as I had to do some editing to merge the transition between the dark and lighter sky areas

 I think my most successful shots were from yesterday at Portgordon as I swept the camera across the Moray.  A little tweak at a join in the sand was the only edit needed.

June 24th 2021

More Sunsets

After days spent walking the coastal paths


The evening light shows are spectacular

June 22nd 2021