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Web work, print signing and walking

July 24, 2017
Spent this morning doing some work on  the photo section of this web site to tidy up the headings of the photo galleries.  Then made a start on signing the mounts on my prints.  It's been suggested by a few people that the mounts should be signed and I noticed that other photographers do this. So got my pencil sharpened. After a while I needed some fresh air so slung my camera over my shoulder and headed up the footpath towards Wharton Hall.  I like the sunlight on the stone walls and never tire of the views beyond.


My first time at Art in the Hills.

July 20, 2017
When the spare bedroom looks like this:

It has to be for one of these:

Have taken some cards & prints and hung some pictures today in the beautiful village of Dufton. There was some wonderful work going on show by many talented local artists and I'm looking forward to seeing the exhibition fully over the weekend.

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Sunlit Aria

July 18, 2017
Took some friends to Aria Falls yesterday.  It was a hot sunny day and as we reached the bottom of the falls the sun was lighting the waterfall and casting dappled shadow and lights onto the vertical rocks through the leafy trees. It felt quite magical.

Available as a limited print of either A4, 16x12 or 20x16

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Goslings being pastelled

July 12, 2017
Have got my 3 goslings onto pastel paper and started to add the colour.

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Galloway Sunsets on line

July 10, 2017
I know I've already shown you several of the Great Galloway Sunsets - so just to say they're all on line:

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Sunset Variety

July 9, 2017
Have been working on the varied sunset shots I took last week from Drummore in Galloway.  Once the sun started to set late in the evening, I was in and out of the house several times as the colours, light and tones changed.  The variety I took over the 4 nights is quite amazing.  Here's just a taster:

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Scenery, Sunsets and Sketching

July 6, 2017
In case anyone's wondering why I've been quiet for a few days?  I've been a little busy around Galloway where I've experienced some stunning scenery:

Drummore ( where I stayed )

A very picturesque Port Logan.

Pink sky across Luce Bay from the cottage.

Followed by a Purple and Pink sky 2 days later

Rather allot of bunnies have been spending the evenings in the back garden nibbling the clover.

And wildlife has been abundant on the beaches.

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Goslings and Sunflower

July 1, 2017
Picked up the artwork this week and did a little more on the sunflower:
Decided to make a start on some Goslings that have been shouting pastels:

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Derwent Collection Updated

June 30, 2017
New photos taken at Derwent this week have now been added to the Derwent Photo Gallery. 

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Glencoyne collection updated

June 28, 2017
I've edited and loaded the recent photos taken at Glencoyne.  This ones Shoreline Shrubbery.
You can see the whole gallery here.

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