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For anyone who had followed my blog over the years,
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Margaret Shaw Artwork

Home from South Rhins

Back from the South Rhins.  Beaches, butterflies, gardens, walking, drawing, reading and photos. Also came across a friend from many years ago – lovely to get re-acquainted.

September 13th 2019

What a difference a day makes.

Don’t think that there will be much activity with the camera today.

September 9th 2019

Always happy to be beside the seaside.  Views from the cottage this morning.

September 7th 2019

Newton Shore

Newton Shore finished and framed.  You can see the artwork in progress here

September 5th 2019

Warcop Next

The Penrith Arts festival is over for a year.  At the last event I enjoyed being in my pop up studio and showing people my approach to artwork.  I even persuaded some people to have a go and a young lady asked Daddy if they have any pastels - so we may have a budding artist in the making.  Unfortunately my demo piece did not survive the last shower of the day and has been consigned to the bin.  A re-start will be required but I’ve still plenty else on the go.  My next arty outing is at Warcop but before that I’m off to re-charge my batteries in Scotland ( and maybe take a few photos and do a few sketches ).

September 3rd 2019

Demo Thoughts

Spent some time this morning gathering my thoughts about what to have as pastel demo pieces for the Penrith Arts Festival, Artisan Market, Street Party and Demonstrations on Sunday in New Squares, Penrith.  Here’s the reference and the sketches.

August 29th 2019


As I’ve now delivered these ( and the client is happy ) I can show my latest photo commission.  Two photo sessions were needed.  The first to decide on composition and figure out the best time of day.  The second, on a nice day, to take the pictures at the right time.  Photography, printing and mounting by me.  Custom made frame by hubby.

August 28th 2019

Penrith Arts Festival


My next arty outing takes place over the weekend 29th August to 1st Sept at Penrith Arts Festival.  You’ll find me delivering a pastel workshop on Friday 30th August and at the Artisan Market, Street Party and Demonstrations on Sunday 1st September.  A weekend of artiness for all - have a look at the full schedule here.

August 26th 2019

Blues and Greens

I seem to have every blue and every green out of my pastel box for these 2 in progress.  Smardale viaduct is undergoing several changes courtesy of an old toothbrush to remove the things I don’t like and go back to my original sketch.  Newton Shore was started on a seascape workshop.  I’m enjoying creating the tonal range in the water and currently considering birds or boats at the bottom right.

August 23rd 2019

On the easel

Yesterday was supposed to be a painting day - that was until hubby threw a bottle of white wood stain all over the kitchen.  Hours later we managed to clean up the mess and the smell of turps lingers in the air.  Anyway did manage some painting time and have 2 small canvases gessoed and grounded for re-use ( can feel some Cats happening ) Highland light 4 has the underpainting in place.  Pendraggon castle is washed with a few runbacks needing attention and Smardale viaduct is at a halt as I’m not happy with it and need some thinking time

August 19th 2019