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Ullswater ( again )

July 18, 2018
Decided on a trip to Ullswater today ( yes I know - again - but I do love this place )
Stopped at Glencoyne for one of my favourite lake views.

Parked up by the pier at Glenridding to find people on the water - I liked the red of the sails against the green mountains.

Walked through Patterdale and backtracked along the beck where I was able to get into the middle of the water with some careful treading on the stones.

And along the footpath found the bees rather busy on the opening thistles.


Last Seaside Days Didn't disappoint

July 15, 2018
The weather stayed superb for the last days on this trip to the Moray Firth.
At Spey Bay I noticed something shining amongst the pebbles and on closer inspection found webs holding water drops spun between the individual pebbles.

We found a rugged beach at Portsoy where getting down to the shoreline gave me the best pictures.

Findochty harbour was very picturesque with the blue skies and bright sunlight.

And the final sunset of the trip saw the sky painted in shades of amber.

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Still beside the Seaside

July 11, 2018
As my latest trip draws to a close - here's what I've been up to:

Meeting the locals

Messing about on the beaches ( yes I am actually exposing my legs - a vary rare sight )

Drawing - the harbour one hasn't been coloured as I'm thinking I'll transfer the drawing to watercolour paper.  I'm determined to paint this harbour after previous unsuccessful attempts,

Taking lots of photos of this stunning coastline.
Next trip in the planning.

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Art in the Hills

July 9, 2018
Looking forward to participating in Art in the Hills 21st and 22nd July.  Here's the details:

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Oh I do like to be besides the seaside.

July 8, 2018
Or more precisely on the Moray Firth.
Late afternoon yesterday:


and Cullen Beach

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First Flower Finished

July 4, 2018
I completed my begonia whist at the art group yesterday evening.  However have given myself a quandary this morning.  I photographed the picture upside down and only realised that when I put it on the pc.  

So which way is to be the right way up - signature will be added once I've decided.
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Carlisle Castle - Weeping Window

July 3, 2018
I went to Carlisle yesterday to see the weeping window poppies at the castle.  Stunning and emotive.   
Please note these images are not for sale.

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Kirkby Stephen, South Lakes and Flowers

July 1, 2018
Been playing catch up on my photo editing over the past few days with new photos added to:
Kirkby Stephen,

South Lakes

and Flowers

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One give up, One changed and One new

June 27, 2018
I finally gave up on my Harbour Dusk when things went from bad to worse.  

My Highland lights 1 is going through significant change with the addition of a harbour to fill in the gap at the right.

I've some beautiful flowers in my garden pots so some small pastels of my flowers are underway.

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Painting Parrots

June 20, 2018
Inspired by the resident Kirkby Stephen parrots, after getting some decent photos, here's the start of a couple of new artworks - parrots.

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