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Margaret Shaw Artwork

November - the month of the mushrooms.

Posted 2 days ago

Jubilee Park Autumn

Finished after a tree incident along the way.  See the Work in Progress.

Posted 4 days ago

During todays exercise.

Posted 1 week ago

I’ve been learning how to make my pictures into a video and amend it.  I practiced with my favourite pictures from 2019.  Soon to be replaced by 2020.

Posted 1 week ago

Feathers Fungi and Sunshine

All on this mornings walk along the viaduct, Kirkby Stephen.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Autumnal Sketches

Had the coloured pencils out this weekend to do sketches for a couple of new paintings.  I find the pencils help with the colour choices and I start to think about brushstrokes on the finished piece.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Autumn Pictish Spirals

After several colour changes the Autumn Pictish Spirals are finised.  You can see why the colours changes on the Work in Progress Pages.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Turkeytail Mushrooms and a Tangerine Tup

Encountered on todays lockdown exercise.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Fungi Focus

The photo of yesterdays walk was fungi.  Here’s a few that photographed successfully.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Stunning Skies

Day 2 of lockdown and stunning skies on my Kirkby Stephen, Nateby, Wharton Hall Circular.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Autumn Sunshine

Some beautiful sunshine in my home town ( Kirkby Stephen ) as lockdown starts.

Posted 3 weeks ago

November Flowers

As we enter our 2nd lockdown I took the camera on todays exercise and was pleasantly surprised to find some November flowers still in bloom.

Posted 4 weeks ago

Its Portrait

More colour and removal of bright yellow has led to portrait way up decision.

Posted 4 weeks ago

Which way up?

I started a larger version of my Pictish Spirals - this time in acrylics with reds, siennas, oranges, yellows and ochres   I was going to have some browns in there but they didn’t work so overpainted with a crimson/brown mix.  My quandary right now is which way up?

Posted 4 weeks ago

Pictish Spiral Panel

The Gouache rescue mission worked and my Pictish Spiral Panel is complete and in the abstract gallery.  Work in Progress with the transfer from watercolour to gouache here.

Posted 5 weeks ago