Margaret Shaw - Artwork In Progress

These pages show some my artworks in progress. 
As works progress, new ones will be added and older ones deleted.
I hope you enjoy seeing my approach to each piece.

Click on the title of the work to see the progress images and description.

 Painted Lady
Love the colours, light and vibrancy of this.

 From Strandshag Bay 
Strandshag Bay lies near the head of Derwent Water. 

I enjoy the moodiness of the winter scenes up there and this shot was taken back in February 2015. 
I have a long thin canvas that has been waiting for a picture .....
I started this as an exercise with my new pastel pencils. 

I'd found some instructions on the internet but decided I'd use my own reference photo.
 Catching the  Lamp Lights
With a little imagination this will be a new addition to the CATching series.

 CATching the Twisty Tree
Already used as a model several times, with less colour and the addition of a few cats - another for the CATching series.
CATching the Gap in the Wall
 CATching the Gap in the Wall
From a quite moody photo, a painting added to the CATching series
Fire in the sku
 Amber Sunset
Started as a demo piece at a show and finished on attempt no 3.

 Bamburgh Sunrise
On holiday woke early to find an orange sky and the sun not risen.
Grabbed my camera and set off towards the sea. 
I felt suitably rewarded when I saw the sun peek over the horizon.
I took a lovley photo at the Ornamental Gardens in Grange over Sands. 
Sitting quietly admiring these babies (camera at the ready),
I was delighted when the parents seemed to think I was a suitable baby sitter.
Afternoon Rest
 Afternoon Rest
Having made the decision to do a series of charcoal lamb pictures here's my third selection "Afternoon Rest". 

These little ones seemed to be taking a break in the late afternoon sunshine.
View from Pendraggon
 View from Pendraggon
Stunning view down the valey from the ancient ruin of Pendraggon Castle.
Just One
 Just one
Previously worked as a pencil drawing where some of the proportions were wrong so re-did in charcoal and pastel.
Are Ewer Playing
 Are Ewe Playing
With Lambing season in full swing I've decided to do a couple more charcoal lambs.
This little one seemed to be looking for someone to play with.
 Lambs Playtime
These early Lambs were so cute and joyous and seemed to be saying "Come Play".
On my wanders around my home town, I took this stunning photo of Wild Boar Fell overlooking Wharton Hall.
I'd bought some new pastel pencils and thought I had the opportunity to put the 2 together.
 Sizergh Swans
These 2 beautiful creatures have taken up residence on the lake at Sizergh Castle ( Feb 2017 ).  

On a dull grey day they made an interesting contrast to the reflected greys from the clouds in the almost still water.