Margaret Shaw - Artwork In Progress

This page shows some my artworks in progress. As works progress, new ones will be added and older ones deleted.  I hope you enjoy seeing my approach to each piece. Select the pdf file link of the artwork to see the progress images and description.

On the Shoreline
One from my visits to the stunning Northumbrian Shoreline

Moody Blues 3

No 3 in the Moody Blues Series

Setting Over the Rocks
No 4 in the Moray Firth Sunset Series

Sunset Sail

The third in the Moray Firth Sunset Series

Lenticular Sunset
As my planned trip to the Moray Firth has been cancelled,
I decided to paint one of its stunning sunsets from a previous trip.

Park Foot Blues Triptych
From a winters day at Ullswater
After enjoying Park Foot Blues 1, I decided to do a triptych from photos taken on the same day.  Here's the work in progress for No's 2 & 3

Admiral Peacock and Comma

Because I hadn't painted any butterflies for some time and I needed an artwork that I could easily pick up and leave whilst doing a major decoration of my home

Sunset in Isolation
Iain Dunton has been posting sunset pictures on twitter over Morecambe Bay each evening from his home. 
Out of several beautiful shots, one really rang my bell.

Sunlit Fell

Painted for the Picturing Kirkby Stephen 2020 event

Red in Kirkby Stephen
Painted for the Picturing Kirkby Stephen 2020 event

Wild Boar Mist
Taken on the last day of 2019 - one for the watercolour treatment.

Yacht Silhouettes

Bright light and lens dust didn't make a great photo - one to paint.

My Vincent 2

When running a Play with Pastel session, I was asked by a young lady to show how to do Starry Night.  

© 2020 Margaret Shaw

On the Shoreline.pdf On the Shoreline.pdf
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Moody Blues 3.pdf Moody Blues 3.pdf
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Setting over the Rocks.pdf Setting over the Rocks.pdf
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Sunset Sail.pdf Sunset Sail.pdf
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Lenticular Sunset.pdf Lenticular Sunset.pdf
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PFblues2.pdf PFblues2.pdf
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PFblues3.pdf PFblues3.pdf
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Admiral Peacock and Comma.pdf Admiral Peacock and Comma.pdf
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Sunset in isolation.pdf Sunset in isolation.pdf
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Sunlit Fell.pdf Sunlit Fell.pdf
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Red in KS.pdf Red in KS.pdf
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Wild Boar Mist.pdf Wild Boar Mist.pdf
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Yacht Silhouettes.pdf Yacht Silhouettes.pdf
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My Vincent 2.pdf My Vincent 2.pdf
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