Margaret Shaw - Artwork In Progress

This page shows some my artworks in progress. As works progress, new ones will be added and older ones deleted.  I hope you enjoy seeing my approach to each piece. Select the name of the artwork document to see the progress images and description.

From a photo taken in a holiday cottage garden full of butterflies

North Sea Blues
From a trip to North Northumberland


Taken in Nov 2021 - I liked the tones and shapes

CATching Over the Bay

Because I was in a CAT mood

CATching the Night Willow
Decided to replace an existing CATching painting

CATching the City Walls

From a photo I came across with a lot of added imagination.

© 2022 Margaret Shaw

Magical Mushrooms
To try out some metallic pastels and pencils

Lindisfarne Sundown
I liked the distinct shape of the castle silhouetted against the sun.

Velvet Shanks
I liked the colour and overlapping patterns of these velvet shanks

CATching the Night Train
Inspired by a visit to an old railway

CATching the Aerial
Came up with 2 ideas to replace a CATching Painting

My Vincent 3
With lockdown and bad weather, made a start