Margaret Shaw - Artwork In Progress

These pages show some my artworks in progress. 
As works progress, new ones will be added and older ones deleted.
I hope you enjoy seeing my approach to each piece.
Click on the title of the work to see the progress images and description.

In Kirkby Stephen we have our "resident parrots". 
A unique feature I think to any Cumbrian town. 
After they've been very active,and I got some good photos, I've decided to paint them.

Highland Lights 1 - Burghead Beach
A visit to the Highlands in May 2018 gave me the opportunity to take some stunning photos
using the light from the late afternoon sun. 
I've started to think about a Highland Lights series based on these  photos. 
As I had a canvas prepared with a dark blue ground - I made a start.

Highland Lights 2 - Burghead Harbour
The 2nd of the proposed Highland Lights series.

 Harbour Dusk
I encountered this stunning image whilst on holiday on the Moray Firth. 
A wonderful place for enjoying sunsets and dusk.

 Beadnell Beach
I took these 3 photos on a fine but cool day on Beadnell Beach.
Decided that they may make a good triptych

 From Strandshag Bay 
Strandshag Bay lies near the head of Derwent Water. 
I enjoy the moodiness of the winter scenes up there and this shot was taken back in February 2015. 
I have a long thin canvas that has been waiting for a picture .....


Storr ( Isle of Skye )
Taken one holiday, sketched and re-visited 3 years later.

Red Fell

Red Sunset
In the mood for dramatic skies did this one in pastel.


After completing my hares painting - I decided to transfer the idea to some stones
along with a few more cats and then there was a christening gift to make.
This is becoming an ongoing project.

Three Hares One Moon

Three Hares One Moon
One from the imagination.

CATching Comets

CATching Comets
4 small artworks for 20x20cm / 8x8 inches exhibition

November - and my thoughts turned to Poppies ( and my Dad who fought in the 2nd world war )

 CATching the Harbour Light
I like the quirkiness of this small lighthouse on the harbours edge.
With a few cats added created even more quirkiness.

 Red Admiral 
Loved the colours, light and vibrancy of a photo I took a couple of years ago

CATching the Shore Lights

 CATching the Shoreline
A few tweaks and this became another in the CATching series.
( With a title tweak at the end to a revised title of CATching the Shore Lights )

CATching the Twisty Tree
Had already used the tree as a model several times, with less colour and the addition of a few cats
- another for the CATching series.