Margaret Shaw - Artwork In Progress

These pages show some my artworks in progress. 
As works progress, new ones will be added and older ones deleted.
I hope you enjoy seeing my approach to each piece.
Click on the title of the work to see the progress images and description.

As part of a TV interview about the Kirkby Stephen Parrots I explained how
if a photo isn't a good photo print it becomes the inspiration for a painting.

Been thinking about a painting of Smardale but didn't have a reference photo
until Phil gave me permission to use one of his

Pendragon Castle
Another scene of local interest.

Highland Light 4
From one of my many trips to the Moray Firth

Visited this place, decided to paint it and have booked a holiday there.

Newton Shore
Chosen as the topic for a seascape workshop.

Sunset Sea Grasses
Inspired from a trip to the Northumberland Coast.

The Race
Took this delightful photo which is a little blurred so instead of a photo print a painting is underway.

Moody Blues 1
The first of a pair of artworks ( because the photo didn't print well )

Moody Blues 2
The second of a pair ( because this photo didn't print well either )

Needing to work on a small drawing decided on sheep

Highland Light 3 - Portknockie Harbour
Portknockie harbour hosts some stunning sunsets - this is the beginning of one of them.

Herdy Portrait

Herdy Portrait
Another small one for taking along to the art group

Stone Painting
1  month into 2019 and I had the urge to paint some new stones

Wharton Sunset
Combining 2 photos to create a sunset over the Wharton Landscape -
just about 15 mins walk from my Kirkby Stephen home.

Ullswater Yacht
Having taken this sunset, I couldn't use the image as a for sale photo due to the sun spots on the lens. 
Instead have decided to make this into a painting.

 From Strandshag Bay 
Strandshag Bay lies near the head of Derwent Water. 
I enjoy the moodiness of the winter scenes up there and this shot was taken back in February 2015. 
I have a long thin canvas that has been waiting for a picture .....

CATching the Church Lights
Always on the lookout for lamps pictures to add to the CATching series
I thought this picture of St Owalds held some potential.

CATChing the Light String
Re-utilising a previously used photo for inspiration I added  a string of lights between the lamps