Margaret Shaw - Artwork In Progress

This page shows some my artworks in progress. As works progress, new ones will be added and older ones deleted.  I hope you enjoy seeing my approach to each piece. Select the name of the artwork document to see the progress images and description.  Select the name of the artwork video to see the progress images.

CATching the Night Willow
Decided to replace an existing CATching painting

Cirrus Over Wild Boar
What was planned as my Picturing Kirkby Stephen Entry

My Vincent 3
With lockdown and bad weather, made a start

Spring Pictish Spirals
No 7 in the Pictish Stone Series and 3rd seasonal one

Autumn Pictish Spirals
No 5 in the Pictish Stones Series

CATching Comet 4

Because I got the
idea in my head

Opal Wave
I made the photo into a card and then decided to paint

© 2021 Margaret Shaw

CATching the Aerial
Came up with 2 ideas to replace a CATching Painting

North Sea Blues document
North Sea Blues video
From a trip to North Northumberland

Fields of Sunshine document
Fields of Sunshine Video
From a photo taken on a sunny day, early April.

Summer Pictish Spirals
No 8 in the Pictish Stone Series and the 4th seasonal one.

Winter Pictish Spirals
No 6 in the Pictish Stone Series and 2nd seasonal one

CATching Comet 3
Needed a topic for my seasonal greeting card

Sunbeams on Ullswater

The light breaking through the clouds was quite magical