Margaret Shaw - Artwork In Progress

These pages show some my artworks in progress. 
As works progress, new ones will be added and older ones deleted.
I hope you enjoy seeing my approach to each piece.
Click on the title of the work to see the progress images and description.

Highland Lights 3 - Portknockie Harbour
Portknockie harbour hosts some stunning sunsets - this is the beginning of one of them.

Visited this place, decided to paint it and have booked a holiday there.

My Flowers
With hot weather and plenty of evening watering my flower tubs are lovely - small pastel time.

In Kirkby Stephen we have our "resident parrots". 
A unique feature I think to any Cumbrian town. 
After they've been very active,and I got some good photos, I've decided to paint them.

Highland Lights 2 - Burghead Harbour
The 2nd of the proposed Highland Lights series.

 From Strandshag Bay 
Strandshag Bay lies near the head of Derwent Water. 
I enjoy the moodiness of the winter scenes up there and this shot was taken back in February 2015. 
I have a long thin canvas that has been waiting for a picture .....

Highland Light 1

Highland Lights 1 - Burghead Beach
A visit to the Highlands in May 2018 gave me the opportunity to take some stunning photos
using the light from the late afternoon sun. 
I've started to think about a Highland Lights series based on these  photos. 
As I had a canvas prepared with a dark blue ground - I made a start.


Storr ( Isle of Skye )
Taken one holiday, sketched and re-visited 3 years later.

Red Fell

Red Sunset
In the mood for dramatic skies did this one in pastel.


After completing my hares painting - I decided to transfer the idea to some stones
along with a few more cats and then there was a christening gift to make.
This is becoming an ongoing project.

Three Hares One Moon

Three Hares One Moon
One from the imagination.

CATching Comets

CATching Comets
4 small artworks for 20x20cm / 8x8 inches exhibition

November - and my thoughts turned to Poppies ( and my Dad who fought in the 2nd world war )

 CATching the Harbour Light
I like the quirkiness of this small lighthouse on the harbours edge.
With a few cats added created even more quirkiness.

 Red Admiral 
Loved the colours, light and vibrancy of a photo I took a couple of years ago

CATching the Shore Lights

 CATching the Shoreline
A few tweaks and this became another in the CATching series.
( With a title tweak at the end to a revised title of CATching the Shore Lights )

CATching the Twisty Tree
Had already used the tree as a model several times, with less colour and the addition of a few cats
- another for the CATching series.