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Margaret Shaw Artwork

Mindful Meanders

Today was a marvellous mindful meandering sort of day.  My friend and I meandered around Brough Sowerby.  Under the trees we found abundant bluebells and wild orchids.


The orange tipped butterflies danced around the flowers.  Orange flashes when the wings were open but when closed hard to spot as they merged into the buds.


Then sitting down for a coffee we admired the spring greens across the valley to the distant fells.

May 7th 2022

Thorpe Farm Refresh

Visited Thorpe Farm today to refresh some artwork I have on exhibition there.   Here’s what’s going on display.

PS.  Made the most of the visit with another excellent lunch.

May 5th 2022

Warcop Art Fair



Spent the morning setting up at Warcop.  


Exhibition opens Saturday 30th April until Monday 2nd May - 10am to 4pm each day.

Sunday - all day - and Monday afternoon I’ll be inviting guests to make an arty bookmark at my display area.


Monday morning see me running a workshop - After the Sunset.


For full details visit the Warcop web site:

April 29th 2022

Viral Pause

If anyone thinks I have been quiet over the last week – they’re right.  My virus has made me quite unwell and so I have just been pottering. Editing some photos.

Deciding what to put in the Penrith Gallery

Deciding what to take to Warcop Art Fair

And packing these items for transport to the venues

April 28th 2022

Warcop Workshop

My pastel workshop for beginners “After the Sunset” is ready to go.  Based on a photo I took a few weeks ago on the Moray Firth.  I’ll be running this 1&½ hour session at the Warcop Art Fair on Monday 2nd May.

April 21st 2022

Rock Removal

After a few weeks of sitting in the to be framed and labelled area, I decided Lindisfarne wasn’t quite right.   Finally figured out what was bugging me - the rocks going down in the middle.

As I’d left the colours out I was working with ( ready for Bamburgh painting )  I mixed some dark green from yellow ochre and paynes grey and performed a cover up.  Much happier with the revised version.

April 20th 2022

Stone Art

As I have been full of a cold this weekend I have decided to keep my germs to myself and kept occupied with my stone artworks. To replace those recently sold we now have CATching Stones 43 - 46

and CATching Stones 47 - 50.

April 17th 2022

Brough and Stainmore Art Group Exhibition

Spent the day hanging the Art Groups exhibition, opening Saturday 16th April 10am and closing Monday 18th April 4pm.

Here’s some of the artwork and prints on display  from me.  More photos of the exhibition to follow once we’ve opened.

April 14th 2022


Bookmarks have dominated my art agenda with the re-print of several new designs after the software messed up the sizes.  Followed by having to re-set all the other designs as they too had been messed up.


Then onto prepping for running “arty bookmarks”, where I’ll be inviting art fair visitors to have a go with me at creating their own bookmark.  They’ll use the templates I’ve prepared or mix and match from the templates for the design.  After which they can choose from a selection of media to add colour.  

My next task is to cut mixed media and watercolour paper to size.

April 8th 2022

Home from the Moray Firth

The last Sunset of our stay on the Moray Firth didn’t disappoint.

We also scrambled down from the cliff top to the three creeks shore below the cottage in Portknockie.

A couple more sketches that I really like and think these may become future artworks:
Boaties at Portsoy.

Dappled sunlight at Winding Walks ( where I’ve discovered that my new sketch book takes watercolour quite well ).

April 2nd 2022


With a mostly wet day yesterday, I took some time to finish and photograph a few sketches I’ve done over the last couple of weeks.  I’ve christened my new A5 sketch book with coloured pencil drawings.


Cullen King - a stack towering above Cullen Beach


Gorse - the flowers are plentiful and smell divine.


At Lossiemouth the jets were roaring into the blue sky.


Portlong sits along the Cullen Coastal path.  There once was a village here with Salmon as its main industry.  It’s a climb up to Cullen from the bay.


Water soluble pastels and watercolours have been used in the A4 sketch book.


Our first Night away and we got a stunning light show after the sun had vanished.


Another beautiful sunset over Portknockie Harbour.


Sandend Beach was the only day we had clouds last week.


Kingston at the end of the river Spey.  Remnants of World War 2 defences litter the beach and coastal path.

March 30th 2022

Coastal Panoramas

Bright sunny days have meant lots of walking along the glorious Moray coastal path last week with several steep hill climbs involved.  Not always able to justify the view with one shot, I’ve taken double shots then edited into one panorama picture.


Porknockie Harbour


Sandend Beach


Portknockie Sunset




Three Creeks Shore Portknockie


Portlong Hythe ( Cullen )

March 26th 2022

Harbour Day

Yesterday was a harbour day, wandering around the double harbours at Portsoy.  

Quite a few boats were out of the water and I liked this trio.

Back home ( well back to the cottage ) where we had an evening stroll around the Portknockie harbour, then sat and watched the sun go down.

March 23rd 2022

Portknockie Evening

Long journey to Portknockie, Moray Firth yesterday.  However couldn’t resist getting the camera out when I saw this developing.

March 20th 2022

Enlarged bookmarks

The printathon was approaching its end yesterday with some designing, printing, laminating and celloing of bookmarks.  That was until the celloing moment when the newly printed bookmarks appeared to have grown and wouldn’t fit the cellos.  After a few choice words I checked the cellos – right size purchased.  After a few more choice words and some head scratching I checked the computer files.  It appears that somewhere along the way all the paper sizes and print settings have changed.  I suspect Software upgrade gremlin.  Now need to reset every bookmark file ( there are quite a few ) then re-commence the printathon at some point.

March 18th 2022


There’s has been considerable activity with the printer as I have prepared:
Art and Photo prints

along with cards

in readiness for the forthcoming art fair season.

Followed by folding, sticking, labelling and packing.  

March 17th 2022