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Margaret Shaw Artwork

Sloe Blossom

The first sloe blossom I encountered this year. Completed as my project at art group. Added the the flora gallery. View the work in progress.

July 12th 2024

New works underway

On the agenda this weekend: Stones painted with clear gesso and designs drawn.

A sketch of Ullswater, abstracted poster style ( sky colour patterns need some adjustment ).

July 8th 2024

Last of the Rhins of Galloway Sketches

Here’s the last of the holiday sketches. Drawn whist away and coloured/inked over the last 2 art group sessions.

July 5th 2024

Phone Edit

Nice amble around the footpaths of Kirkby Stephen yesterday.  Took a scene over the fields of Nateby to Wild Boar Fell on my phone and had a play with the phone photo edit software.  It’s a bit over processed but I do like it.

July 3rd 2024

Morecambe Bay

2 new artworks in my poster style of Morecambe Bay.

Into the Bay

Island in the Bay

Added to my Landscape Gallery.
Prints and cards available.
View the works in progress from here.

July 1st 2024

Art in the Hills

Today I’m deciding on what to show at Art in the Hills.  In the meantime you can see who else is exhibiting this year
2024 Featured Artists | Dufton Village Hall

Information about the event can be found here:
Art in the Hills 2024 | Dufton Village Hall

June 25th 2024

Rhins of Galloway Beach Sketches

On this trip I used water-soluble wax pastels with an ink pen finish for my sketches. Found some of my finer ink pens had dried out so lines are a little bolder than I’d like. Here’s 5 from my trip - 3 more are at the outline drawing stage.

June 22nd 2024

Rhins of Galloway

With great weather on the Rhins of Galloway have spent most days walking the beaches.

June 19th 2024

Beach Tones

The blue skies disappeared in the afternoon yesterday and we got a bit damp - but Ardwell beach was still beautiful. I like how the dark sky and stony beach frame the distant light shore.

June 16th 2024

Galloway Blues

Blue skies and sea at Ardwell & Drummore.


June 15th 2024


Walking into town yesterday the walls and hedgerows are full of flowers.

June 13th 2024

Opportunistic Walk

Yesterday saw an opportunistic walk as the weather was rather pleasant (unlike todays cool/wet conditions).  Around Brough:

pink poppies

buzzing bees

and inquisitive calves (after my friend persuaded one to leave the river and re-united her with the group).

June 4th 2024

In the Eden

Saturdays wonderful sunshine saw me in the Eden with my young friend.  A couple of photo opportunities were grabbed on the phone camera from in the river. 

The little fishes must have seen us coming and stayed out of reach of the net.  But we had fun and neither of us fell in – although there were some slippery moments.

Couldn’t resist a couple of beautiful blooms.

June 3rd 2024


Spotted these Poppies round the corner from my home. On the way back another couple of blooms caught my attention. The honeysuckle perfume was heavenly.

May 29th 2024

Bay Paintings

With the cancellation of Prom Art yesterday due to thunderstorm warnings, I decided to use some time productively. Started 2 poster style paintings that have been in my head for a few weeks. I like the way the top one is going but some thought needed for the bottom one.

May 27th 2024